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Here we will give some details about how to use search and navigation on, so you can be able to use the website in more convenient way.

Probably you already visited the website, but still wondering how to find exactly what you are looking for.

The homepage of usually looks like this:

Taobao homepage

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Here you have three main parts: header with registration, login and search bar, followed by main navigation, announcements, new functions presentation and advertisement and then there is a large list of categories which takes the largest part of homepage.

Let’s have a look in details to each part.


Taobao homepage

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In this part, the most important element is the search bar. To make a search it is better to use Chinese characters as most of products on the website are described in Chinese.
You have a choice to look for information in ‘products’, ‘shopping mall’, ‘auctions’, ‘overseas products’ and in ‘Questions’. Generally, you do not need to change the tab to search in other location than ‘products’ unless you are little bit curious and want to explore more.

Main navigation

Taobao Navigation

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Just to satisfy your curiosity, we have translated the main navigation menu. It is divided into two parts: left part gives the possibility to go directly to one of the shopping locations: shopping mall, overseas products, flee market, gifts, Items on sale, Air tickets, Lottery, Creative products and students; the right part presents the navigation general information about the following themes: Men, Women, Kids, Apparel, Beauty, Fashion, Home, Digital, Sports. Each of this links brings you to mini portal with articles, news, trends and much other information concerning corresponding theme. There is often some interesting information, so if you have some knowledge in Chinese or if you use translator, you can have a look.

Now let’s go to the main categories section:

Taobao Categories

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As you see, the list is large and it is even not all categories present here. We have made a complete list of Taobao categories in English.

Here we would attract your attention to categories sub-navigation menu where you have a choice among: All product categories, Shopping mall directory, Real shops, Products you can buy with credit card* and Pay on delivery Items. Then it is listed some popular categories to give you the possibility to access directly: Virtual, Digital, Cosmetics, Apparel, Home, Maternity and Baby products.

On the right side bar, you can see the box presenting ‘Promotions” (often seasonal or related to an event), ‘Creation’ (some creative, original products) and Products with ‘Special prices’.

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