Taobao Shopping Service Overview

Taobao shopping is famous not only in China but also internationally. With our complete Taobao shopping service worldwide, you can now buy from Taobao in English.

Parcel Up is not only a Taobao agent for your online shopping in China but also a friend. Our mission is to help and let more international buyers enjoy shopping on Taobao – unique China’s largest online marketplace. We help you in these ways:

Language: If you do not know Chinese or have difficulties with Taobao English translation, we will search for your desired items, talk with the Taobao seller, and provide you with as much detailed information as possible.

Shopping: We advise you regarding the product from our own experience. Is the seller reliable? Is the item of good quality? Is it good or not to buy the item at all? We tell you everything.

Minimizing the risk: We ensure we receive the items from the Taobao seller, check them for visual defects in our warehouse, give you photos of purchased items, and repack them to ensure safe shipment to your address.

Saving money: With our help, you can save a lot on international shipping (up to 60% discount!) and on combined international shipping that we provide for you: when you buy items from different sellers, we combine them into one parcel. It is much cheaper than if you buy them separately!

Do you need only international shipping? If you do not need our shopping service but need to ship from China internationally at the lowest rates, we can help you group your goods, check the quality and quantity, and then ship the parcel to your desired address.

Taobao shopping service without international shipping? If you want to buy from but do not need to ship overseas or already work with a shipping company, we can be your Taobao shopping agent and ship goods from to your address in China or the shipping company you choose.

Are you doing business on Taobao? If you have your own online or offline business and need merchandise at a reasonable price/value for your shop, we can help you source the goods online on China’s Taobao and provide you with an extensive range of items to buy from

Taobao drop shipping? If you need to buy stuff from and ship it to your customer or as a gift to your family or friend, we propose a Taobao drop shipping service to ship directly to your desired address.