Order Processing

Why is the item canceled? On taobao.com, I can see there are so many items in stock.
On Taobao.com most sellers are individuals or intermediary agents of various factories. For this reason, the stock of goods on Taobao is not always updated and is often displayed incorrectly. For detailed information, you can check Find and choose items on taobao.com.

The item was canceled. Why? What should I do?
Item is canceled when it is unavailable or does not match your request.
In case of cancellation, you can add a new item from a different seller directly to your order. At the same time, if possible, when submitting a new item, you should also indicate another size and/or color that could be suitable for you. This will help us buy exactly what you need.

The item was canceled, and the order status has changed. Now, I cannot add items to my order. Why? What should I do?
You cannot add new items when the order status changes to “ordered” (when sellers ship all items).
Sometimes, the last item in your order, purchased but not yet shipped by the seller, is canceled because it is out of stock. At the same time, all other items in your order had already been shipped by sellers to our warehouse. Please check your order frequently and carefully. You have 24 hours to submit a new item to your order, starting from the last canceled item or the last item shipped by the seller. If you do not add an item within 24 hours, the order status will change to “ordered,” and you cannot add new items in the current order.

If you still need to add more items to this order, you can create a new order, pay for it, and, after confirmation of the first payment, combine it with the previous order, which is already expected at our warehouse. When all items are at our warehouse, we consolidate everything into one parcel and provide information about the shipping of combined orders.

How to cancel an order? When is it possible?
You can cancel the order before we start purchasing items. In such a case, we will refund the full amount of the first payment.
It is also possible to cancel an order after the purchase of goods, only if the seller agrees to return and refund, if the seller has shipped items, our commission will not be returned and the shipping back to the seller will be on your charge and deduct from the amount of first payment. Warning: if the item has already been bought, cancellations are not always possible – some sellers or stores do not accept the return of goods, and in such cases, you cannot cancel the order.

The weight of the order is too big. I want to cancel the order and return the items to the seller. How do I do it, and how much will it cost?
If the seller accepts the return of goods, we can make a return with an additional handling fee of 35 yuan. Our commission and shipping fee already incurred will not be returned, and you need to pay another shipping fee to send the items back to the seller. Sometimes, the seller may provide only a partial refund; then, we can only refund you the same amount. To request to cancel an order, please get in touch with online support. Also, if the weight is too big, you can find a logistics company to deliver it yourself. We can help you buy the item and ship it to the warehouse of the shipping company of your choice for further international delivery.

I do not like one or several items. I want to cancel them or change to another color. How do I do it, and how much will it cost?
If the item meets the characteristics described by the seller and corresponds to your request (color, size, configuration, etc.) and there are no defects, it is not eligible for return and refund. It is only possible to return items significantly different from the photos and descriptions provided by the seller.

Some Taobao sellers do not accept returns/exchanges if the item is correct and without issues. In this case, we cannot do it either.
If you return or exchange an item, it costs 35 yuan as an additional service, and you are responsible for any shipping fees involved.
Requests to return/exchange items should be made from your order page using the corresponding option next to the items. If the seller agrees to refund, we will send the goods back. Your order will be updated only after the seller refunds us, and then we will recalculate it.

Items arrived at the Parcel Up warehouse, but I do not see one or more items in the photo. Why? How can I make sure that they will be shipped to me?
We take photos when we collect all the items in your order. However, sometimes, the seller sends goods in multiple parcels and only provides us with one delivery number, which can cause an item to be absent from the photo. In this case, you can use the corresponding function next to each item on your order page to ask us to double-check and confirm that the item is present.

Items arrived at the Parcel Up warehouse. I checked the photos, and one or more items do not match my order. How do I make an exchange or return? How long does it take?
If the seller sends the wrong items, they can be exchanged or returned to the seller (except when the seller states that return and exchange are not acceptable).
To replace or return an item, you should make a request on your order page using the corresponding option next to the item that you want to return or exchange.
The return of an item usually takes about seven days. Please note: we are unable to make a refund and ship your order before the seller refunds the money.
Exchanges of items may take up to 7 days, depending on the availability of the item in stock and the speed of delivery. When the exchanged item is received at our warehouse, we provide a new photo of it.
If the seller sent an item that does not correspond to your request by mistake, the return and exchange of the item are at the seller’s charge.

Why I cannot add an item to my order?
Items can be added to existing order only when order status is “processing”.
Each order can consist of a maximum of 25 items. If you need to buy and send more than 25 items in one parcel, then you must create an additional order, make the first payment, and after the confirmation of payment, you can combine your orders to be shipped in one parcel.

How do I combine orders?
To combine orders, you should use the corresponding function on the page of one of the orders you want to combine. Orders can be combined only in the following status: “1st payment received”, “processing” and “ordered”. Requests to combined orders in other status will not be considered.
Combined orders are calculated as one order – when we give the weight for combined orders, any money difference in other combined orders has already been included in the current order (this information is also stated on your order page).
For combined orders, the second payment is made only once—it should be made on the page where the combined weight is indicated. For more information, see Track Purchasing Process.

How do I separate combined orders?
To request separate combined orders, you should contact Online Support.

If I want to order one item in different sizes, colors, etc., can I submit it as one item in my order?
Yes, it is possible, but not recommended. Please select the desired configuration for the item and add items individually.

Suppose you prefer to add different configurations as one item (for example, no configurations provided by our system). In that case, you can proceed as follows: in the field “quantity,” you should indicate the total quantity you need to buy, then in the field “size” and “color,” you fill in the size and color in sequential order. If you need several items of the same size, then you need to specify a quantity close to the color and size, which will determine the quantity to buy. Important point: they should be in sequential order; if we do not understand your order, we will cancel it. OR: then, in the field “comments,” you write the corresponding size, color, and quantity. In the quantity field, you should put then the total quantity of items to buy.

When should I submit a replacement?
Replacements should be submitted as soon as possible after one of the items in your order is canceled. Warning: Do not add alternative items to your order list when no items are canceled; otherwise, all items that are in the order list will be purchased. Please consider this fact.