Track The Purchasing Process

After the first payment is confirmed (status 1st payment received), your order is transferred to a dedicated buyer for processing (purchasing). The order status while purchasing and delivery to the warehouse is “processing.”

During processing, you can add Taobao items to your order to replace canceled ones. You can also request to cancel an item or submit changes to the order (quantity, size, color, and so on).

As you know, Taobao items are not always available, even if the seller displays that thousands of units are in stock (find items on

When an item is unavailable, you can submit a replacement item to substitute the canceled item – add a new item directly to your Taobao order. Attention: Any difference in the total order amount after adding items is automatically transferred to the second payment. Thus, if you add a new item, you will pay for it with the second payment. If the amount considerably increases, we may ask to add money to process your order (order status “attention”).

During order processing, you should frequently check the status of each item, which appears next to the item number. Sometimes, the buyer of your Taobao order may need additional information from you or ask to confirm the purchase by providing some details about the item. We are expecting your answer within two days. Please reply as soon as possible; otherwise, we will cancel the item after 48 hours.

If there are canceled items in your order, and you want to submit new items to your order, you should do it as quickly as possible because it is possible to add new items only during your order’s “processing” status.

Once the order status changes to “ordered” (all items shipped by sellers), adding items to the current order is impossible. If you still need to add new items, you should create a new order, make payment, and combine your orders so we can ship them together in one parcel. Combining orders costs 35 RMB for each combined order (two combined orders: 35 RMB, three combined orders: 70 RMB, and so on).

It’s of utmost importance to submit replacements one by one. Please refrain from submitting multiple options to replace the same item to avoid confusion. Please note: All items submitted to your Taobao order list will be processed and purchased.

If you need to cancel an item, you can use the function on your order page and submit your request as soon as possible before the seller ships the item. We can cancel a Taobao item only if the seller has not yet shipped it. If the seller has already shipped the item, and you want to return it, then you need to pay 15 RMB for delivery back to the seller, and we do not refund the commission for the item.
Considering this information, we recommend creating an order only for those items you need to buy.

Once the order status changes to “ordered,” all items should arrive at our warehouse in an average of 3-5 business days. However, time may be longer if there are any issues with tracking packages from Taobao sellers within China or when the seller provides an incorrect parcel tracking number. Clarifying the situation may take a few days, particularly if the seller has to ship items again.

When all items arrive at our warehouse, the order status changes to “arrived.” We then provide photos of all purchased Taobao items, the weight of the parcel, and the shipping price for your Taobao order. Then, you need to make the second payment or confirm the shipping of your order.