Items at Warehouse

When all Taobao items arrive at our warehouse, the order status changes to “arrived.” We provide photos of your Taobao order, the weight, and the international shipping fee for shipping from China to your country.

The status of the items should be “received at warehouse,” and they should all be displayed in the photo that our logistics department provides to you. Sometimes, we do not receive some items. Thus, we cancel such items (it happens that the seller gives a wrong tracking number but does not ship the item, or there are some other situations when the item is canceled after being purchased). In any case, the amount for all canceled items is returned to you, and you do not pay a commission on canceled items.

All items undergo a quality check upon arrival at our warehouse. We check items only for the absence of visual defects. We cannot check the material, performance, or operation of electronic items. Also, we cannot guarantee the color nuances, sewing quality of clothing and footwear, or the size match you ordered.

You need to check your Taobao order photo attentively and double-check whether all items of your order are present in the photos and correct. If something is missing from the photos, the color is wrong, or the item is incorrect, you should inform us by using the corresponding function behind every item on your order page (Have an issue with this item?). Then, we will check the items and resolve the issue.

Attention: If you do not submit an issue for any of the items before shipping, and it is clearly displayed as something wrong, we will not be able to accept the claim after shipping your order. Please pay attention to items before international shipping.

If you want additional photos, this service is paid and costs 35 RMB per 1-2 photos. To use this service, you can submit a request for each item individually on your order page. Please get in touch with the online support team for assistance if you need a detailed photo report.

If you need to return or exchange items because of the seller’s mistake – we will return/exchange, and the domestic shipping fee is on the seller’s charge. If there is no mistake from our or the seller’s side, and you want to return or exchange the item, this service costs 35 RMB.

– If you wish to return items – you pay additional delivery to the seller: 15 RMB per seller

– If you wish to exchange items, you pay a delivery fee of 30 RMB per seller (delivery to the seller and return to our warehouse).

Important: The second payment must be made only after all issues with the items have been resolved, and the total amount for items and services has been recalculated.

After the second payment is confirmed, any claims regarding color, size, quality, or other issues will not be accepted.

All parcels are automatically shipped the next day after the second payment is confirmed. Within three days, your order status will change to “shipped,” and you will be provided with the tracking number for your parcel.

If you have combined orders, check the information on your orders page, and you will find where the payment for international shipping should be made. Notice: The second payment for combined orders is made only once (in one of the combined orders, as indicated by the operator).

To make the second payment, please select a convenient method and follow the instructions. The process for the first and second payments is entirely the same. If you have any difficulties with payment, please check the page: Make payment for Taobao order.

Attention: If the second payment has a negative balance, it means that your first payment covers the cost of international shipping, and you do not need to make the second payment for delivery. It happens when there are canceled items in your order or when you initially paid more than the actual value of the items ordered.

In this case, you need to confirm the shipping of your parcel, and the remaining money will be transferred to your account in our order system.

When the parcel is shipped, you can track your parcel online from China through the postal service or alternative parcel tracking websites.