Parcel delivery and tracking from China

What is the maximum weight of a parcel? The maximum dimensions of a parcel?
For shipping by China Air Mail the weight must not exceed 20kg.
The maximum weight for shipping by EMS: 30kg.

For Air Mail maximum length of the parcel should not exceed 1.05m; and EMS maximum 1.30m.
Also, we can not guarantee that we can ship a parcel larger than 2 meters in total following this calculation:
1 * length + 2 * width + 2 * height < 2m (this should not exceed 2m)

If the weight or size of parcel exceeds the allowed maximum, then we will split the order into two parcels.

Please note, if you want to order bulky (heavy) items, first make sure that they can be shipped.

My country is not in the list of delivery countries, how to do?
Most of the countries are stated in the list of delivery by AIR MAIL CHINA POST on this page:
International shipping from China, Parcel delivery fees. Please check if your country is in this list. If your country is not listed, please contact online support to inquire the quotation.

I have received tracking number, but I can not track my parcel from China. Why? When I can track my order?
After we transfer the parcel to delivery service company, it does not immediately appear (scanned) in the tracking system. It may take time to update information online. For additional information, please check: track your parcel online

DHL: why the rates sometimes differ from stated on the website?
Contrary to Air Mail, where the cost is only based on the actual weight, for shipping by DHL volumetric weight, type of items and delivery address may influence the cost of delivery. If the volumetric weight is greater than the actual weight, if branded item, or electronics, or battery, or if delivery to a remote area, the shipping cost by DHL would be more expensive than the price stated on our website.

EMS: why the rates sometimes differ from stated on the website?
For calculation of shipping EMS takes into consideration real weight and volume weight following their own volume weight calculation formula. If the volume weight is greater than the actual weight, the shipping fee will be calculated based on volume weight.

Why my order is divided into several (two or more) parcels?
If your order is divided into several parcels, it means that it is impossible to send all items in one parcel. The reason may be the excess of the maximum allowed parcel weight or size, or when one or more items can not be shipped in the same parcel together with other items (i.e., long objects, objects of a specific form).

I have combined orders, but there are still two parcels. Why?
This means that you can not add all items in one parcel without exceeding the maximum allowed parcel weight and / or size. Therefore, in this case, we divide parcel into two or more parcels depending the total weight/size of items.

Can I split order in several parcels? How do I do? Can I ship order to several different addresses?
Each order is shipped in one parcel and sent to one address. If you need to split the order into several parcels, you have to create separate orders with the corresponding items and addresses. If you already have a processed order and for unexpected reason you have to split the order, then you should contact online support and discuss all possible options.

If I order bulky or other items which can not be shipped, would Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) buy such items or cancel?
If items are clearly large or cannot be shipped, then our buyers cancel such items and provide you with the reason of cancellation. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to know in advance whether the parcel will be accepted by Postal services for delivery or not, so you should check yourself what is the size and weight of the item you want to purchase, as well as look through the list of items which are prohibited for import to your country.

Can I change my delivery address and / or delivery method? How do I do?
Yes, you can change your delivery address and mode of delivery until the second payment. To do this, use the corresponding function on your order page.

Where is my parcel? No tracking or updates for several days. What should I do?
Please check the information here: track your parcel online
If there is no tracking for more than 15 days, you need to contact online support, so we can check the status of your parcel.
For DHL delivery, usually parcels are shipped from Hong Kong, if so, the tracking number will change once the parcel is shipped from Hong Kong. If you cannot track your order, please contact online support, so we can provide you with updated tracking number.

I have received my parcel and there is something missing. Why and what to do?
When getting your parcel from the post office or delivery service, you need to make sure that the parcel was not opened prior to receipt of parcel by you. If the original package is in bad condition or if it has traces of opening, you should address all claims to the postal services or delivery company.
In any event, upon delivery you need to make sure that the weight of the parcel corresponds to what is specified in the order.
If the weight is correct and some items are missing, you should contact online support, so we can check the information about your order. Read Issues of Parcel Weight and Ordered Items

I have received items of wrong size/color or something is not working. What can I do?
When your taobao items arrive to our warehouse, we check them carefully for any visual defects. Unfortunately, we can not test your items. Also, we can not guarantee the quality of items sewing for clothing and footwear, difference in color (in real and on the screen) as well as size match to that you ordered.
In the case of inoperable equipment (electronic goods, hardware), it is possible to discuss the option of exchange or return: if the seller agrees for return or exchange, all shipping expenses will be on you.
If we have made a mistake during purchasing and there is mismatch in size, color or other such inconsistencies, it is possible to obtain a compensation for this item. The amount of compensation depends on the kind of item and degree of our mistake. Read claims that we do not accept.