Payment Questions

If an item is canceled, does Parcel Up return the money for this item?
If one or more items in your order are canceled, the amount is automatically transferred to the second payment. Also, if you add new items to your order, you will use this money, and any difference will be transferred to the second payment. If the amount is less than for the canceled item, then it will be subtracted; if more, you will need to pay additionally in the second payment.

How do I pay the difference if I add the item to my order and it exceeds the cost of the canceled one?
If needed, we will ask you to make an additional payment. Thus, you will see all the payment details. Otherwise, any difference is transferred to the second payment, and you will pay everything with the delivery payment.

I have received a message from Parcel Up that the money was refunded, but I do not see it in my account. Why? Where is my money?
Depending on the type of payment you have used in your PayPal account, receiving money in your account may take several minutes to several days.
When paying by PayPal, money may be returned directly to your PayPal account, bank account, or credit card if you have made a direct payment.
Therefore, you should check all accounts. Also, the transaction may be shown as of the date the payment was initially made (as this is a refund, not a new payment).

In which currency can I pay for my order at Parcel Up? What is the exchange rate?
We use US dollars (USD) for items, services, and shipping fees. However, you can also pay in euros (EUR), Canadian dollars (CAD), British pound sterling (GBD), or Chinese yuan (RMB).

When it comes to currency conversion, we strive to be transparent. For payments in US dollars, we apply a fixed exchange rate of 1 RMB = 0.157 USD. For other currencies, your payment amount is calculated based on the current USD exchange rate to the corresponding currency. This way, you can be confident you’re getting a fair deal.

Rest assured, we will promptly communicate any changes in the CNY/USD exchange rate that align with the live currency rate. We are committed to providing transparent services with no additional fees.

How to pay? How long does it take to confirm payment and start order processing?
More information is available here: Make Payment for Order

How do you transfer money from one order to another?
Money cannot be transferred between orders. If, after shipping your parcel, there is still money remaining in your order, it will be transferred to your account, and then you can use the money to pay for your other orders.

I still have money remaining in my order. How do I withdraw it?
To request a refund, you should contact Online Support.

While paying by Western Union, the operator asks for the city and address of the recipient. What should I write?
For payment by Western Union, you do not need to provide the city or address. You only need to write the correct name and country—this information can be seen on the page while recharging your account. You can write the data yourself if you are still required to fill in the information.