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With our customer-friendly order system we are introducing here, you are going to experience a very pleasant Taobao shopping!

5 major features of our order system:

Easy communication with us: You can place your comments freely in your order page, and you will get our reply within a short time.

Multiple addresses to add for your orders: if you have orders to be delivered to different addresses, for example if you do drop shipping from taobao, this function is right for you!

Up-to-date notification via email: once there is any updates in your order processing, you will get the message by mail.

Clear order photo display: when we receive your items, you will not only see the shipping details, but also a very clear picture of all your items for you to check and confirm.

Convenient order information storage: if you cannot finish submitting taobao items at once, don’t worry, the item information will be saved in your shopping cart for you to continue next time.