Make Payment for Taobao Order

All taobao orders are processed after the first payment is confirmed.

First payment should be done shortly after creating order, so there is greater chance that the items are still available.

Several payment options are available:

  1. Paypal
    (Visa, MasterCard, bank transfer and several other credit cards are supported)
  2. VISA and MasterCard
    (credit cards from major banks around the world are accepted)
  3. Webmoney
    (payment by WMZ purse or offline payment)
  4. Western Union
    (payment by cash at Western Union locations or online transfer)

There are two ways to make payment:
1) you can make payment directly on order page. Payment by Paypal and Credit cards support direct payment and instant transaction confirmation.
2) you can also add money to your account in our order system. Recharge Account is available in the left menu in your account. Payment by Western Union or Webmoney can be done only by recharging account.

To recharge account you need to input the amount you want to add to your account and click “Submit”. Then follow instructions on payment page. You will receive a confirmation once the payment is processed and confirmed. Then you can return to your order and make payment using funds at your account in our order system.

Payments by Paypal and credit cards are confirmed instantly, confirmation of payments by Webmoney is done within 24 hours, and for Western Union: within 3 working days – Western Union does not work on week-end.

After confirmation of the first payment, we process your order and start purchasing taobao items. You can track order process by logging in to your account and going to your order page.

Paypal and Credit Cards are the fastest and cheapest way to pay for orders placed with Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS). Paying by Paypal or Credit Card, you transfer only the amount specified in your order, there is no transaction fee.

Webmoney is popular in Russian speaking countries. It is fast and convenient way of payment for those who have difficulties with opening or operating a Paypal account.

Western Union is used as an alternative option if you do not have a bank card or bank account. Western Union is the most slow and expensive method of payment, if compared with other payment options. Commission for Western Union payment may reach 5%, but the payment is confirmed only within 3 days. Attention: Western Union does not work on weekend. If you plan to make frequent purchases over Internet, we strongly recommend you to make a Visa Classic card or MasterCard, so in future you can pay for items and services in quick and cheap way.