Order Calculation

How much will this item cost with delivery to me?
To calculate the approximate cost of your order and its delivery, please use the calculator: Taobao Order and shipping calculator.
We cannot provide the weight of items before we receive and weigh it in our warehouse. Estimated weight for several categories of items is provided on the calculator page at the link provided above.

How much is shipping to my city?
For EMS and Air Mail, shipping rates stated on Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) website apply for delivery throughout the country, no matter which city. So you can just use our shipping calculator to estimate: Taobao Order and shipping calculator.

For DHL, if your city is in their remote area list, there will be additional DHL remote area fee.

If item is on sale, does Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) buy it at regular price or a discount price will be applied? If discount, when price will be adjusted?
All items are purchased at the price that is listed on taobao.com. If at the moment of purchasing item is on sale (at discount price), the purchase will be made following discount price and price adjustment will be made in your order before the arrival of items at our warehouse. Since our purchasers have many items to buy, sometimes they don’t have time to check the discount price with seller; in this case, if you see there is a discount, please write it in Price adjustment field in item order form, so your purchaser will buy it if the discount is still there and if the seller canceled discount then we will ask your confirmation to purchase at new price which you can confirm or cancel on your order page. If you need to adjust prices before the 1st payment, you can contact online support with request to update your order.

What is the weight of the item?
We cannot tell the weight of the item before it arrives and we weigh it in our warehouse. You should estimate item weight on your own before placing your order. For bulky or heavy items, if the seller provides the weight, we let you know, so you can consider if to buy it or not.

How do I calculate shipping?
To calculate the cost of parcel shipping from China to your country, you should use our calculator: Taobao Order and Shipping Calculator.

Also, all shipping rates can be found on the page “rates for parcel delivery from China”:
International Shipping Fees from China.

All prices are in Chinese yuan (RMB). Delivery by Air Mail is available nearly to all countries, thus, if you do not see your country in the EMS or DHL list, then you should check the list of countries for shipping by Air Mail.

What is “adjustment” in my order?
Price difference in the first payment is added when the cost of shipping within China is more than 15 yuan. It happens when the item is heavy or the seller’s location is very far from our warehouse or the seller can use only one delivery service, which is more expensive than other delivery companies.
Price adjustment in the second payment is for the cases when there is a refund for returned items, and when there are additional service fees like our handling fee for additional photos, return/exchange of items.