11.11 Pre-order in Global Shopping Festival 2018

The biggest saving for Taobao & Tmall 11.11 (Double Eleven) Global Shopping Festival starts with pre-order! On top of that, Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) is going to help you find more discounts and offer more promotions, stay tuned!

Pre-order event started on October 20 until November 10. Pre-order products usually have very good discounts, and some even beat the promotional prices on 11.11. Most importantly, upon paying the deposit, you are guaranteed to save at least 1 time or 2 times the amount equivalent to the deposit, and up to 400RMB (approximately 60USD).

How does pre-order work?
Merchants offer pre-order customers big savings through two ways:
1. competitive pre-order prices (big discount off retail prices);
2. instant price reduction. Customers pre-order products by paying deposit first between October 20 and November 10, and that amount could count up to several times its value when paying the remaining amount on November 11.

For example, the product in the following screenshot, the pre-order price is 1360RMB (retail price 3199RMB), deposit is 100RMB which would give 200RMB off, meaning the remaining amount to pay would be 1060RMB (1360RMB-100RMB-200RMB) instead of 1260RMB. Therefore, pre-ordering the product beforehand than ordering it on November 11 would save you 200RMB (approximately 30USD).
11.11 2018 example product page
Please beware that once you pre-order an item, the remaining balance has to be paid on 11.11, or else the order will be cancelled and deposit cannot be refunded. Shipping time vary across different merchants, and delays may occur due to the high volume of orders.

How to find participating pre-order items?
1. Visit the following pages for particular venues or go to Tmall Pre-order Homepage and Taobao Pre-order Homepage for more categories.

Tmall Pre-order

Taobao Pre-order

2. Search any item on taobao.com, and on the search result page, checked “双11” (see screenshot below) to filter pre-order items for Double 11.
search 11.11 deals huge discounts

How to save MORE?!

Follow Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) at Facebook to know more and save more, as we will be posting about great deals exclusive for Double Eleven Shopping Festival! If you need help with product search or need more information for individual merchant promotions, always contact us at Facebook or online customer service.

Let’s make 2018 Double 11 a real carnival!