Weight Estimation For Taobao Items

Below is the weight estimation for the most popular items purchased from Taobao. An approximate weight will help you estimate the cost of international shipping.

When you shop on Taobao and Tmall, you need to consider the international delivery fee, which depends on the weight of your order. While we cannot know the exact total weight of your parcel in advance (before receiving and packing items), you can check the approximate weight of things in the tables below and then estimate the shipping fee using our calculator.

Please note that the provided weight is approximate and may or may not include the weight of the packaging. The weight of items may differ depending on configuration, material, size, etc.

You can always contact us on our Facebook page to inquire about the item’s weight. We can also contact the seller to request more accurate weight information.

Women’s Clothes Approximate Weight
Blouses 200-450g
Pants / Shorts / Leggings 200-650g
Jackets / Coats / Windbreakers 500-1200g
Hoodies 500-900g
Woolen Coats 1200-2500g
Jeans 500-750g
Jackets / Blazers 500-900g
Vests 200-1200g
Fur Clothes 800-2500g
Parka 850-1000g
T-shirts / Tops 200-400g
Leather Clothes 500-1500g
Dresses / Sun-Dresses 300-1000g
Shirts 200-400g
Skirt 300-800g
Jumper 500-900g
Sport Suit 700-1500g
Swimming Suit 200-400g
Pajama 300-600g
Men’s Clothes Approximate Weight
Pants 300-600g
Outerwear Demi-Season 500-1200g
Winter Outerwear 850-2000g
Suit 1000-1500g
Jeans 450-900g
Vests 400-700g
Hoodies 500-1000g
Jacket/Blazer 700-1100g
Shorts 300-500g
T-shirt 200-500g
Sport Suit 700-1500g
Jumper 400-700g
Sweater 500-800g
Women’s Shoes Approximate Weight
Sandals 400-900g
Ankle Boots 600-1200g
Sneakers 500-1000g
Indoor Shoes 500-800g
Rubber Boots 700-1200g
Boots 800-1500g
Shoes / Loafers 600-900g
Gumshoes 600-800g
Men’s Shoes Approximate Weight
Boots 600-1500g
Sneakers 600-1000g
Loafers / Moccasins / Sandals 500-1000g
Indoor shoes 500-800g
Rubber boots 700-1200g
Gumshoes 600-800g
Children’s Clothes Approximate Weight
Children’s Pants 200-450g
Skirts / Dresses 200-550g
Outerwear 300-900g
Sweater 300-500g
T-shirt 150-300g
Winter Coat 500-1000g
Hats 100-200g
Bodies 100-300g
Overalls 300-1000g
Children’s Shoes Approximate Weight
Boots With Fur 300-600g
Rubber Boots 300-700g
Ankle Boots 300-500g
Sneakers 600-800g
Sandals 400-600g
Boots 800-1000g
UGG’s 800-1000g
Accessories And Other Approximate Weight
Hats / Caps / Baseball Caps 250-400g
Scarves 200-600g
Gloves 200-400g
Belts 200-500g
Glasses/Watches 100-500g
Earrings / Beads 50-150g
Tie 200-250g
Linens / Towels / Tablecloth 300-2000g
Bags And Wallets Approximate Weight
Wallets 300-600g
Travel Bag 500-4000g
Bags 650-1100g
Electronics Approximate Weight
Mobile Phones 500-1500g
PC / Tablets 1000-5000g
Playing Console 900-1300g
GPS Devices 500-1000g