How to find good Taobao sellers: the item page explained

How do you find good Taobao sellers when millions of individual sellers on sell identical or similar products? The seller’s rating is essential for a successful shopping experience, so we want to guide you on what to pay attention to and explain the rating elements on the Taobao product page. Additionally, you can check shop recommendations on Taobao.

What Is the Taobao Store Rating System?

Taobao’s rating system is a way to find reliable sellers with high-quality products. This marketplace analyzes a store’s popularity and reputation, which depends on the rating system. Taobao’s rating system allows customers to rate sellers on every transaction. Each point can be either positive or negative. It depends on the customer’s personal experience. A positive rating adds one point, a neutral rating adds no point, and a negative rating subtracts one point. Different characters indicate the total score to reflect the seller’s rating on That is, the more points, the more reliable the seller is. As shown in the screenshot below, if a particular store has only “one heart,” it is new and needs more feedback. Similarly, if a store has a “five golden crown rating,” many people are satisfied with the seller’s service and product quality.

Taobao store rating system

We want to point out that the search results on our website mainly show sellers with good ratings. Still, when you search directly on Taobao, the search results can be sorted by sellers with high ratings (信用). It’s better to select the Tmall tab (天猫) – where all the sellers are verified businesses and generally work well and provide quality products. The search results on Taobao are shown in the screenshot below:

Searching results on Taobao

What is Gold Medal Taobao Sellers?

You can also easily distinguish Taobao sellers with good reputations and performance from millions of others because Taobao marks them as Gold Medal Sellers. Buying from Gold Medal Sellers almost always guarantees that products will be received as described, with minimal to no delay for domestic shipping in China.

Stores with a more extended Gold Medal history are marked with an orange label indicating the length of time, which helps build trust. In addition, the seller must meet various consumer protection requirements and maintain an acceptable score on Taobao’s general rules.

Gold medal Taobao sellers

In addition to finding gold medal sellers, usually displays a general description of sellers and their stores. The screenshot below shows two different presentations of the seller overview with the same information. Please read the descriptions below the screenshot to interpret the information.

Description of the store

a. The name of the store
b. Rating of the store
c. The button to contact the seller through the particular Wang Wang app (阿里旺旺).
d. Rating from 1 to 5 on how well the item(s) delivered matched the seller’s description on the Taobao listing.
e. Rating from 1 to 5 for shipping services.
f. Rating from 1 to 5 for services the seller offers during and after the transaction.
The following will help you interpret the information on the item’s page. The screenshots below show the item’s page for a woman’s shoes; the sections highlighted in blue will be explained below:

Item's information
  1. The item’s price.
  2. Possible discounts offered by the seller.
  3. Available shipping in China and shipping costs
  4. Size selection (Available sizes)
  5. Color selection (Available styles)
  6. Quantity selection
  7. This item has been added to the favorites 2221 times

Continue on the screenshot:

Item's information continue
  1. Item’s descriptions: here you can find item specifications and photos provided by sellers
  2. Customer review: this is a very useful section for reference during purchase, as sometimes you can find authentic photos of items or detailed text reviews (you could use translators to translate the reviews from Chinese to desired languages)
  3. Under the customer review section, reviews are classified into several categories: all reviews(全部), photo reviews (图片), added reviews (追评), positive reviews (好评), neutral reviews (中评), negative reviews (差评).

Taobao is one of the best online marketplaces in the world, offering the perfect blend of convenience, variety, affordability, and quality. However, the same cannot be said for every single seller on the platform.

We hope these tips will help you find reputable and trustworthy sellers so you will have a great time shopping in Taobao. If you need a reliable Taobao Agent to optimize your shopping experience, Parcel Up is here to help you.

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