Dark Style clothes review

I would like to share my review about dark-style clothes.


Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) team helped me to find these clothes by provided pictures just in a few days!

So, the first item is white skirt.


I ordered it from the seller漓漓712- link to the shop https://love-with-me.world.taobao.com

You can find a lot of clothes in witch style in this shop.

This skirt is available in white, black and pink colors. The price is only 45 RMB.

The skirt’s belt is elastic and has no zipper, it’s pretty narrow. The length of skirt is only 36 cm. It will best fit girls whose height is not more than 160cm.


The skirt is made of nice synthetic material like thick chiffon. It does not shine through.

Solid print is inflicted on the skirt. Doesn’t damage after washing.

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Stitches on the skirt are processed very well and doesn’t crumble. The bottom of the skirt is overstitched nicely.


I am very satisfied with the quality, I didn’t notice protruding threads or any flaws.  Also skirt has been packed in a nice bag.

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The next item is long-sleeved top.


11 12

The top has been ordered from seller haoyouduo旗舰店- link to the shop https://haoyouduo.world.tmall.com

In this shop you can find a lot of different t-shirts and dresses in dark-fashion style. The price for this top was only 39 RMB.  Seller has selection of sizes from XS to XXL. But please notice, that size chart is Chinese and doesn’t correspond to the European sizes. I ordered XL size which corresponds to European  M size.


The sweater is made of thick fabric on the front and of transparent chiffon on the back.  Rubber print is inflicted on the sweater, although it is not that neat as on skirt. You should wash it carefully.


Sweater stretches very good and fits your shape nicely, sleeves are very long so it will fit high girls very well.


Stitches are well processed, threads don’t stick out, at the bottom the fabric is overstitched and tucked in. Inner stiches don’t bother your skin while wearing.  The item has no defects.


The top was packed in transparent package and arrived in perfect condition.

The next item is transparent t-shirt with nice print.

17 18

I ordered this t-shirt from seller haoduoyi旗舰店, link to the shop https://haoduoyifs.world.tmall.com

You can find a lot of women’s clothes of different styles in this shop. The price for this t-shirt was only 28RMB. Seller provides sizes from XS to XXL. But please keep in mind that these sizes are Chinese and they don’t correspond to the European.  I ordered L size which corresponds to European M size. T-shirt is made of chiffon-net material. The material stretches well and t-shirt is free enough.

19 20

Rubber print is inflicted on the front of t-shirt, although it is not very neat in some places. I think it would be better not to wash it in the washing machine.

Stitches are well processed, threads don’t stick out, the fabric is overstitched and tucked in.


The back of t-shirt is also transparent.


T-shirt was well packed into the package and arrived without damages.

The last thing about which I want to talk about are socks and tights.


I ordered them from my favorite seller 7caisajiao, link to the shop https://shop66293945.world.taobao.com

The range is constantly updated, great selection and he provides discounts often.

Halloween theme socks https://world.taobao.com/item/43731285494.htm?fromSite=main

There are 5 colors with different patterns available. Socks fit up to 40 size, they are made of thick material and stretch pretty well.

24 25 26

Socks are neatly packed, pattern is also well processed, threads don’t stick out from the inside.

The price was only 12RMB.


The next socks are with crosses and rhinestones.


Seller provides two colors – black and white.

28 29

Socks are made of thick material, threads don’t stick out. What is very important- rhinestones are not glued but sewed. Embroidery is made with golden threads.


The quality is acceptable for the inside part, there are few threads sticking out, but it is not critical.


The price is only 12RMB.

And the last one item from this shop are gothic tights with crosses.



There are few tights in stock and only one option with white crosses is available now.

I ordered black tights with red crosses.


The price is only 18RMB.

Tights stretch very well, will fit for the height less than 175cm.

They are also quite dense, around 100 den, not transparent at all.

Print is inflicted very well, with rubber paint.

Tights can be washed as well as in the machine and manually – the print doesn’t wash away and it doesn’t tear.

34 35

Stitches are good and strong, rear double stitch, without the crotch.

Threads aren’t sticking out, tights are solid and smooth.

In general it is not my first time when I order socks and tights from this seller and I don’t have any complaints. Prints are always bright, neat stitches and thick fabrics.

All socks and tights arrived with tags and in packages, without any damages.

Thanks to Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) team all items were ordered and arrived to their warehouse very fast, after that items have been checked and shipped to me. Thanks for the help, and see you after my next order!
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Shygova Ksenia.

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