How to use Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) order system

How to use Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) order system: access to order system for Taobao items, how to submit order, Taobao links, order status definitions, how to use order comments, etc.

Attention: This is an outdated version of intructions. We have released a new version of order system. You will find all instructions directly in our taobao order system during order process.

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It seems that we finally released all the functions for the first version of our order system. Now we will tell you more what it is for, how to use it and how to make all your Taobao buying process faster.

What Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) order system can do:

  • list all your ordered items together with your comments
  • keep items in shopping cart, so you can make your order continuously
  • comments system enabling more easy communication and follow up
  • replace or remove items from your shopping cart or order
  • calculate all Taobao fees and our commission
  • provide shipping information
  • store your shipping addresses, if you have several places to deliver Taobao items
  • and many more useful functions to really make your Taobao shopping easy, efficient and fun!

1. Get the access to order system

To be able to use our system, first you need to get your login information.
You should register here: Registration page

2. Submit your order for Taobao items

When you enter the order system for the first time, you will see the form where you should input Taobao item link, quantity and the comments such as size, color or any other specifications for Taobao item.

Important: you should input at least two alternative links for Taobao items in case the item you order is out of stock.
Later in order processing, if the item is not available, we will buy the item from first alternative link, and if this one is also not available, then we’ll buy from the second link.

If alternative items are more or less expensive than items input in the system, any price difference will be transferred to international shipping fees.

If you do not provide alternative links and the item is out of stock, it will be automatically canceled, money will be added to international shipping fees.

Taobao links
Each link should start with …
Be careful, do not input links to the Taobao shops (i.e., incomplete links (be sure it starts with…) or links with spaces (there should not be any spaces before or inside the link).

3. Review your order before submitting

After you submitted items to your shopping cart, please review it carefully once again. Do not submit order if you are not sure about you are going to buy all of the items that you put in shopping cart. Check twice the quantity and specification for each item.
This is to avoid that you need to change your order several times. It will save your forces and our time.
So once again: please submit your order only when you have decided what you are going to buy from Taobao and this choice should be definitive.

Also before submitting order, you would need to add your shipping address with contact phone number. If you place several orders to be shipped to different addresses, you can add up to 4 different addresses.

Important notice: you should submit your order only when you do not have any questions related to our service, order process and international shipping.

Do not submit your order if:
– you cannot pay by credit card,
– you didn’t estimate international shipping fees,
– you submit your desired items, though you plan to buy only several of them

Once you are done, you can go ahead and submit your order.

4. Order follow-up

To make order processing and follow-up faster and more efficient, we have established a simple order status descriptions.
When the order is submitted, it will get automatically a “pending” status.

There are other order status positions:

  • attention – your order requires attention (you should check our comments)
  • confirmed – order is confirmed, you can make first payment
  • payment received – we have received your first payment
  • ordered – we have ordered all the items
  • arrived – we have received all the items from your order at our warehouse
  • shipped – we have sent out the parcel to the address specified in your order
  • canceled – your order is canceled
  • processing – order is in process, sometimes we put this status for order requiring longer processing time

Sometimes there is a delay for updating order status, as we should gather all information together and then update the order status.
Anytime concerning “payment received” status: every time when you make payment with your credit card, you will receive a confirmation mail stating your order number for Taobao items and amount paid. So you do not need to ask us, if we have received payment or not.

5. Order comments

For all communication regarding orders, you should use order comments which are at the bottom of each order page.

Please, keep in mind that “Live help” (online customer service) can only give you some information regarding our service, shipping and Taobao related questions, but customer service is not directly in charge of purchasing of Taobao items or order updates, thus, they cannot provide you such information.

If you have any question or request regarding your order, please write down your message in the order comment and you will receive a written reply (it will be also sent to your mail).

Feel free to leave comment below with your questions or suggestions concerning order system.