Shoe review from our customer

Hi everyone! I would like to tell about recently purchased shoes using Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) service.

I have been searching for a long time for exactly these shoes on Taobao, and I did find several shops, which are selling them. Prices for those shoes are very different; in some shops, they can be expensive or cheaper. Eventually I decided to buy from this seller:

I choose high heeled model in a silver color. This is how shoes looked at the sellers’ photos:


And these is my picture:


It is easy to notice that the shoes do not differ from the sellers’ photos. Now, I would like to provide more details about my purchase.

Shoes are of high quality, all seams are flat, no glue stains, during the trial fitting and wearing nothing hasn’t fell off. The weakest spot in terms of quality is beads (pearls on the strap), they are sewn with narrow transparent string, they hold pretty well, but if you cling to something then most likely that you will have to “say goodbye” to the beads. Thus, you should be careful with that.


The material is high quality imitation leather as if it is sprinkled with glitter. Inner side is made of silver imitation leather, very soft and pretty nice. The insole is unlike to so many Chinese-made shoes is relief and fitting very comfortably. The pattern on the insole is in gold dots and a blotch on the heel has extra logo. Pay attention that Chinese manufacturers even tried to copy the original logo of the Japanese Lolita brand “Angelic Pretty”, which are producing this model of shoes.


The buckles on the straps are made in the same way as in all other similar models: the top strap is adjustable in length, but it is not necessary to unfasten and fasten each time you want to put on the shoes. On the other side of a strap there is metal button which performs the function of a buckle. It is very useful, as to snap, button is faster than unfasten the standard strap-buckle.  As you don’t need to pass the strap through narrow metal buckle, then it will remain “as new” for longer, without abrasions and cracks.


Purchasing this model, mostly I was afraid that while wearing the silver glitter will sprinkle of the shoes all the time. However, my fears were not realized: glitter holds very safe, even attempts to rub it to see will it came off, weren’t successful.


The shoes have two pairs of bows- on the front and back. By form and size they are similar and made of same silver imitation leather as the inner side of the shoes.


Front bows are removable; they are attached to the shoe with a special metal clip. The clip is very solid and snaps reliably. However, since bows are large, perhaps you will have to ensure that they won’t cling on something.


Back bows aren’t removable, they are glued tightly.


The heel is high enough, but stable. The sole is black, as well as taps.


Now, I would like to say a few words about the size. As you can see in the last photo, I bought size LL, which corresponds to the 38th Chinese sizing. Please notice, that the shoes are actually smaller than declared, almost for two and a half sizes! Usually, I wear 35,5 – 36 shoe size, but on Taobao I order 38th size. Shoes for thin foot, so if your size matches with mine, but feet are wide, then it is better for you to choose 39th size. As they say, more – not less))

Thank you for your time and attention. I hope my review will be useful for someone.

Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) account number: #35031

Marina Davydova


The review received on February 5, 2016.

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