Taobao Lolita Stores

For many years Taobao has been a place to buy Lolita dresses and accessories. While many of our customers already have a list of their own preferred shops and sellers, we have made a general list of Taobao Lolita stores with a wide selection of different dresses and accessories: for you to discover even more.


These are the shops where we purchased Lolita dresses and accessories many times, and they proved to have good prices and service. We hope that it will be useful for you and you will find the desired outfit!

Please note that we don’t take responsibility for the work of these sellers and shops.

Taobao Lolita Stores:

An*tai*na* Lolita shoes, recently they also started to custom-make Lolita dresses.

Alkane & Alois
Classical Lolita costumes

An*tai*na* Lolita shoes store, nana shoes, punk, boots

The dream of Lolita
Sweet Lolita, pre-made, low price

Rose Melody Lolita
Sweet Lolita SK/JSK/OP, jacket, coat, headdress, accessories

Dear Celine
Classical and sweet Lolita clothing

Classical and sweet Lolita clothing

Classic, sweet Lolita, drawer, headdress, bag, umbrella

Lolita Princess
Cute Lolita clothing, pre-made

Classical, Sweet Lolita clothing, pre-made

Princess Faith
Lolita dress, wig, socks, accessories

Lolita Punk & Gothic clothing

Surface spell
Lolita gothic, classical clothing

Surface Spell Gothic

Lolita & Gothic

Classical Puppets
Lolita & Gothic

Gothic, punk, classical Lolita OP/JSK/SK, wig, parasol, shoes, bag, BJD clothing

Here Nether
Gothic, classical Lolita, accept both orders on demand and custom-made orders.

White Moon Lolita
Cute Lolita clothing

Strawberry Witch
Sweet Lolita clothing, accept both orders on demand and custom-made order, Lolita hats, socks, accessories, BJD clothing

BJD clothing, BJD accessories

Chess story
Sweet & Classical Lolita clothing, Lolita shoes, Cosplay costumes

U Doll House
BJD dolls, BJD clothing and accessories

BJD clothing, shoes, wig, accessories

Fushoan Kimonomachi

Ri He
Kimono, Japan-style accessories