Taobao & Tmall 11.11 (Double Eleven) Global Shopping Festival 2017

Taobao and Tmall global shopping festival 11.11 (also known as Double Eleven, Singles’ Day) is coming soon and you already need to prepare now!

11.11 is here! Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) offers 5% commission instead of usual 10% on all orders for this shopping week-end: November 11 and 12 ! To get 5% commission, just make 1st payment, we will adjust your order when it will be processed and the difference will go towards the second payment!

Alibaba has turned November 11th to be the day of the biggest online shopping festival in China since 2009, and last year (11-11-2016) Alibaba sales reached 15 billion US dollars in mere 24 hours. As sellers on Taobao and Tmall offer unbeatable discounts, the Double Eleven sales event on Singles’ Day has attracted customers from over 217 countries and regions. Meanwhile, Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) has been helping our customers to seize great deals on this day, ensuring product and service quality, and avoiding all chaos and troubles.

Taobao 11.11 global shopping festival

Tmall merchants offer big savings in various ways. Tmall has a dedicated Double Eleven page and this article will introduce some common promotions, but you might want to check out your favorite stores for more details as each store might offer different promotions. If you have any questions, you can always come to Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) customer service for help. Most merchants offer discounts and coupons to customers, but more and more are encouraging customers to pre-order so to save even more than actually making a purchase on November 11. Many merchants also guarantee to prioritize pre-ordered orders for shipping.

Taobao, Tmall Pre-order

Certain products are available for pre-order on Tmall and Taobao starting from October 20. These items are not only offered at very good prices, but the deposit customers pay between October 20 and November 10 could count up to several times its value when paying the remaining amount on November 11. Take the product in the following screenshot for example, the pre-order price is 989RMB (original price 1980RMB), deposit is 100RMB which would be counted as 200RMB, meaning the remaining amount to pay would be 789RMB (989RMB-200RMB) instead of 889RMB. Therefore, pre-ordering the product beforehand than ordering it on November 11 would save you 100RMB (approximately 15USD).
Taobao shopping festival discount

What’s more this Taobao seller will also give out limited coupons which could be applied towards the final order when paying the remaining amount on November 11. The final price might be discounted even more on the sales day. Pre-order now for women’s clothes, men’s clothes, shoes, home, or visit pre-order home page for more categories.

Taobao / Tmall Discount

Almost all merchants offer good discounts (up to 90%) on certain products on Taobao Double 11 shopping festival. However, previously certain sellers would jack up original prices so to mark bigger discounts. To avoid such “traps” for customers, this year Taobao and Tmall will create a 50% off everything venue, and all participating merchants need to offer real half price off. Tmall will be very strict on validating prices, and if any participating seller markup original prices, they would be removed from the venue.

Taobao / Tmall Coupon

Taobao has pages that list coupons and products for fashion and for home exclusively for Double Eleven. Coupons are valid only on November 11, and some can be claimed now or later with no condition, while some need to be purchased at minimal prices (0.1rmb or 1rmb) prior to November 11. Every Taobao and Tmall store offers coupons of different values and rules, so we recommend you to check out your desired stores or to contact us at Facebook or online customer service for more information.

Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) discounts and promotions

We know how much you love Taobao shopping and to make the festival real fun for each of you, Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) will be offering our own discounts before and on November 11. Follow us at Facebook to know more and save more! We will also be posting about great deals exclusive for Double Eleven Shopping Festival on social media, so don’t miss out!