The Best Taobao Wedding Dress Shops

Taobao is a great place to buy a wedding dress, as you may find perfect wedding goan here much faster and for the good price. Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) have selected Taobao’s wedding shops for easier and more convenient wedding dress search. Recommended shops collection allows you quickly and without any difficulties find the dress of your dream and be a princess of your own fairytale.


Wedding day is one of the greatest days in your life. You will always remember those emotions and experience and will carry them through your lifetime. Therefore, everything should be perfect especially the wedding dress, as everyone’s eyes will be on it. The selection of perfect wedding look could be very long and hard process. Here is the list of Taobao stores of custom made and pre-made wedding dresses:

Taobao custom made wedding dress stores:

IVY BRIDE                                         FYYU





Taobao pre-made wedding dress stores:


                                Angel dress

Please note that we do not take the responsibility for the work of these sellers/shops. If you have any question about specific item (size, languages, quantities etc.), you can always contact our online support.

We hope that this list of recommended shops will help you to buy the wedding dress of your dreams on Taobao! Enjoy shipping with Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS)!