Top 5 FAQs

Here are the most frequently asked questions with detailed answers!

1. Why are items or orders cancelled?
Sometimes items or orders might be cancelled due to uncontrollable reasons, but we try to advice solutions according to different situations. Below are the few most common reasons and the corresponding suggestions:
-Item is out of stock
In this case we’d recommend adding replacement items as soon as possible or contacting our Facebook page to make a request for items search.

-Item is forbidden for international shipping
Some items are strictly forbidden for international shipping, please find detailed listing

In case you would still like to order items prohibited for international shipping, we recommend our clients to find delivery companies which can and agree to ship such items from China to your destination country. Then we will be able to order those items and ship them to the chosen delivery company warehouse (located in China), which will ship your orders abroad.

-Item exceeds maximum weight and size allowed
Delivery companies in cooperation with us have limitations on parcel weights and sizes

When issues regarding parcel weight occur, we can offer to split the parcel into several smaller parcels, or we’d recommend that our clients search for delivery companies located in China that ship larger or heavier parcels abroad.

-Seller is always offline/Store is closed
When you encounter such situations, we highly recommend contacting our Facebook page and making a request for item search. Our online service team is always at your disposition.

-We didn’t receive answer from you during 2 days
Sometimes items or orders could be cancelled due to non-clarified questions. Our buyers may post questions in orders, and if we don’t hear back from you within 2 days, the item or the order might be cancelled. Hence, we recommend checking your order frequently.

2. Why parcel hasn’t shipped or where it is?
We ship all parcels within 24 hours after second payment received, but in certain cases it may take a bit more time. With DHL, parcel might have been shipped, but the order status is not updated to “Shipped,” that’s because we haven’t received yet confirmation or tracking number from DHL. As soon as we receive the shipping information, order status will be updated.

You can track your parcels using tracking websites, under the tab “My parcels” or directly on order page.

Delivery time is an approximate and could be less or more depending on the destination country and the local post office services. Please note that after parcel is exported from China, you might not be able to track it until it is imported to your destination country. Online tracking becomes available within 2-10 days from the date the tracking number provided in your order.

If you still have questions about tracking, please contact our Live support or Facebook page.

3. Items are cancelled, why I need to create a new order for reordering?
Under normal conditions, when an item is cancelled, you reorder this item and add it to your order. However, if the whole order has been cancelled or it has been updated to “Ordered” status and you couldn’t manage to add items to this order, then you would need to create a new order to add new items or add items to orders in “Confirmed/Awaiting payment” or “Processing” status.

4. Do I need to pay customs taxes?
It depends on the local customs rules and laws. We recommend paying attention to parcel weight and the quantity of same items in one parcel. It is better to not have many same items in one order (might be considered for commercial purposes). Before placing an order, please consult your local customs regulations.

By default, to simplify customs clearance, we declare all parcels under 100 USD and mark them as a gift. However, you can customize declaration by contacting our Live support.

5. How much time is needed to receive my parcel?
After 1st payment (items cost and service fee), items need 2-5 days to arrive our warehouse (it can be longer depending on how fast sellers ship your items).
Then we need 1 day to:

  1. Check all orders for visual defects
  2. Weigh and prepare parcels
  3. Provide customers with photos and parcel weight
  4. Request 2nd payment

Upon receiving 2nd payment, the parcel will be packed and shipped. The delivery time ranges from 15 to 35 days depending on the selected shipping company ( DHL: 5-10 days, EMS: 10-15 days, Air Mail: 15-35 days). Thus, in general, the whole process can take 10-40 days.

Please keep in mind, if you have any questions regarding your order, our services, the item you want to purchase or any questions about shopping at, please contact our at online support or our Facebook page.