Taobao vs. Tmall: Simple Shopping with Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS)!

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Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS)

Shopping from China 7 days a week. Since 2009

Buying from China with Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) takes only six simple steps. Follow the order processing steps in our article to order today, and your parcels will be delivered straight to your door!

Taobao or Tmall: which is for you?
Let us tell you about the particularities of these two huge marketplaces.

Enjoy shopping the selection of women’s casual clothes just for you!

Order processing explained

6 simple steps to order

It’s easy and simple to order using our service!

Simple Tutorial

Taobao or Tmall: Where to shop?

They are both great but different.
Let us tell you how!

Find out now


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