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A Chinese proverb says, “Better do not eat grain over three days than do not drink tea over one day.” Tea is one of the most beloved and popular drinks in the world.

The ancient Chinese said, “Tea enhances a spirit, calms down a heart, removes fatigue, stimulates thoughts, prevents fall into laziness, facilitates and refreshes a body, and clarifies susceptibility.” They also precept – “Drink this wonderful drink slowly, and you will get the power to fight troubles which depress our life.”

Chinese Tea

Tea is something special in the life of Chinese people. This is probably the only product in the world’s history that humans have used for almost five thousand years.

The world of tea is so different, and it is very easy to get lost there. Generally, tea is classified as black and green. Chinese classification includes such major kinds of tea as green, red, yellow, white, and Pu Erh.

We introduce the most famous kinds of tea very briefly:

Green (绿茶) – the leader of all Chinese teas (refreshes, strengthens health): Lung Jing, Tai Ping Hou Kui, Yin Zhen, Xue Hua;

White (白茶) – is the richest vitamin: Bai Mu Dan, Bai Hao Yin Zhen, Mei;

Yellow (黄茶) – very high-quality tea. Properties are close to the white tea. Only members of imperial families drank it. Didn’t export from China (under the death threat) until the early 20th century – Meng Ding Huang Ya, Jun Shan Yin Zhen;

Red tea or 红茶 (we call it black on the color of dry tea leaves): Dian Hong Mao Feng, Nü Er Hong, Zhen Shan Xiao Zhong, Tai Mu Jing Hou;

Pu-Erh (普洱 – Pu Erh or Poher) is a black Chinese tea that is one of the most valuable kinds of tea. Shu Pu-erh has a tonic effect much stronger than coffee, with a unique taste and in-depth wide health effects. Sheng Pu-erh is similar to green oolong. The Pu Erh include Jin Hao Pu-Erh, Puerh teas, Shen Gong Ting Pu-Erh.

This is a general classification only; there are about 1500 items of Chinese tea that exist.

Chinese Tea composition

Blooming tea is a unique creation of Chinese tea producers that offers an unusual taste of floral bouquets. Specially prepared tea leaves are carefully folded in a special way. It is tied in bunches, dried, and added chrysanthemum flowers, jasmine, lotus, and many others.

The most famous kinds of blooming tea are “Fire Flower,” “Treasures of Heaven,” “Ball of the Bride,” and “Jade Lotus.”

Before tea appears in the store, it passes a quality control check. Tea, bought in China from a reliable seller, is high quality and authentic. By the way, the price will be significantly lower than in the importing countries.

Good tea is just for drinking. There are many kinds of distinguished tea to satisfy the demands of sophisticated gourmets.

Drink tea with pleasure!

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