The Benefits of Using Parcel Up

If you love shopping on Taobao but find it a bit challenging due to language barriers or shipping limitations, a shopping agent can be a game changer. Let’s explore the benefits together.

Benefits of using Parcel Up

 Access to a vast marketplace

Taobao is a treasure trove of unique products ranging from fashion to electronics, home goods to cosmetics. With Parcel Up, you gain access to this extensive marketplace, allowing you to explore and purchase items that may not be available in your country. 

Language Assistance 

One of the biggest challenges for international shoppers on Taobao is the language barrier. A shopping agent bridges this gap by providing language assistance, allowing you to browse, search, receive assistance communicating with sellers, and easily place orders. No more relying on machine translations or feeling lost in translation.

Product checking

We make sure that the Taobao seller really sends out the items. We check the items for visual defects in our warehouse, provide you the photo of purchased items and repackage them for safe delivery to your address. We make sure you receive the product that corresponds to the ordered configuration.

Consolidated Shipping

You can send various items from different sellers in one shipment. We will receive the ordered goods in the warehouse, consolidate and send them all together, allowing you to save on shipping.

Secure transactions 

With Parcel Up Service, you can shop with Peace of Mind. We use a reliable payment gateway as our payment option, which can process credit cards. When we require your payment, you will find a proper request on the order page, which redirects you to Payment Gateway secure website, where you securely enter your payment information. In a word, it is 100% safe.

 Hassle-free returns and exchanges

Sometimes the product might differ from the ordered model. Dealing with returns and exchanges on your own can take time and effort. However, with Parcel Up, we handle the returns and exchanges on your behalf, making it easier and more convenient.

Customer Support

We offer dedicated customer support when you have issues or any questions. You will receive assistance throughout the shopping journey, addressing your concerns, resolving issues, and providing guidance when needed. 

Expertise and insider knowledge

We have a wealth of experience and insider knowledge about the platform, including the latest trends, popular sellers, and best deals. You can benefit from our expertise to make informed shopping decisions. Parcel Up opens up a world of opportunities and makes your Taobao shopping experience smoother and more enjoyable.

If you’re ready to unlock the full potential of Taobao and discover incredible products from around the world, consider using the Parcel Up service. 

Happy shopping!