Chinese Electronics

There is general belief that ‘Made in China’ means bad quality. However, this is not true with every Chinese products. Here we would like to present five Chinese electronics brands which offer great quality products at very reasonable prices and have gained great success and fame domestically and internationally.


Lenovo is considered one of the most rapidly growing companies nowadays. It is the second largest computer supplier in the world. Their product range covers a wide variety, including laptops, monitors, tablets, computers, network equipments, and various accessories. In rather short time, Lenovo products have gained an outstanding popularity: the brand is known and sold in more than 160 countries around the globe.


This company is fairly young, only founded in 2010. It started up with the development of its own version of Android operation system called MIUI. Then the company launched its own smartphone Xiaomi. Today they are known for their smartphones, batteries, headphones, and accessories for mobile devices. Particularly, their fitness trackers (for example, Xiaomi Mi) are at their peak of global popularity. The brand is mostly popular in Asian countries. Customers like this brand for its excellent quality and reasonable prices.


Founded in 1987, Huawei is one of the largest manufacturers in the fields of telecommunications, smartphones, and tablets. As for today, the company successfully exports its products to numerous countries, including Russia, US and UK. The assortment is quite wide: wi-fi equipments, bluetooth adapters, smartphones, tablets, multi hubs, and routers. Many users rate Huawei products with excellent price-performance ratio. During 2016, Huawei sold 28.3 million smartphones.


Its first product was the Music player Meizu MX. However, due to rapid market change and fierce competition, the company had to revise their corporate strategy and finally introduced Meizu M8 smartphone with Windows OS in 2009. Then they launched the smartphone which ran on Android OS. The company aims to develop user-friendly simple smartphones. It has now become a strong competitor in the industry and has gained its popularity among the public by bringing advanced technologies and minimalistic design to their products and offering them at very reasonable prices.


TP-Link is a Chinese manufacturer of network equipment founded in 1996. Today it has become the leader in selling network equipment and accessories worldwide. Their products are sold in more than 120 countries, and the product range includes routers, wireless equipment of Wi-Fi standard, print servers, network adapters, modems, IP-cameras, and smartphones. Their Wi-Fi routers are extremely well-known and popular.

Just like the above listed electronics brands, many other Chinese companies in different industries are growing stronger by offering quality products. They are holding up to strict product standards, and their products might be cheap in price, but definitely not cheap in quality.

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