Estimate Total Cost Before Placing Order

Do you want to place an order with Parcel Up and would like to calculate the total cost in advance? With us, it’s easy because we charge the fewest fees, and we have a helpful international shipping calculator. Read our article, and you will know how to estimate the cost before ordering on Taobao.

Estimate Total Cost

Budgeting for online shopping could involve difficult calculations with miscellaneous fees that you keep asking yourself: “So how much do I need to pay?” – Parcel Up offers you a simple formula for easy calculation:

Total cost = Item prices + domestic delivery + service fee (10% of item prices) + international shipping fee

Parcel Up international shipping fee depends on item weights, chosen delivery service, the destination country, and sometimes product type. We do not charge a commission on international shipping. Our goal is to make shopping on Taobao as convenient as possible, that is why we created Taobao Order and Shipping Calculator. This calculator can tell you the approximate cost of the order and delivery. In addition, read our useful article Weight Estimation of Most Popular Items from Taobao.

Moreover, Parcel Up customer support can help you calculate the approximate total order cost and shipping costs or contact sellers to clarify the weights and sizes of items. Simply make a request on our Facebook page or contact online support.

Once items arrive at our warehouse, you will be provided with exact item weights. Subsequently, you will see the second payment on your order page, which is calculated based on the precise weight of your items and your chosen shipping method.

Knowing the total cost of your Taobao order in advance can help you better manage your purchases. Try out the simple function to estimate the total cost, and start ordering on Parcel Up now!