The Revolutionary Rise of Chinese Electronics Brands

Taobao is a great place to shop the most innovative and quality Chinese electronics brands: from the smartest televisions to the thinnest mobile phones. Chinese brands have been making remarkable accomplishments and becoming increasingly recognized in international markets. Many of our customers are buying Chinese electronics from abroad and very satisfied with their purchases. Hence, Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) has decided to present the top Chinese electronics brands.



Lenovo is the second largest computer supplier in the world. Lenovo products have gained an outstanding popularity: the brand is known and sold in more than 160 countries around the globe. The company makes a large variety of products: laptops, tablets, smartphones, electronic storage devices, IT management software, and smart televisions. Check out Lenovo’s user friendly computers All-in-Ones series. Lenovo entered the smartphone market in 2012 and quickly became the largest vendor of smartphones in Mainland China. Have a look at the beautiful Vibe series smartphones, complete with vibrant display, powerful processor and innovative camera technology.



Known as one of China’s fastest growing technology startup, Xiaomi is extremely successful in selling their smartphones, batteries, headphones, and accessories for mobile devices. Now this company is expanding into new areas of consumer technology, including smart home (IoT) system and devices. Click to read more about Xiaomi’s innovations.



Huawei is one of the largest manufacturers in the fields of telecommunications, smartphones, and tablets. They have a wide product mix: wi-fi equipments, bluetooth adapters, smartphones, tablets, multi hubs, and routers. Many users rate Huawei products with excellent price-performance ratio. During 2016, Huawei sold 28.3 million smartphones. Recently Huawei have realised the truly revolutionary smartphones Mate 9 Pro, which are have been co-engineered with Leica.



While traveling across whole China it is hard not to notice Haier products, they are almost everywhere. Founded as a refrigerator manufacturing company, Haier has now expanded its range to the production of digital products, televisions, air conditioners, microwave ovens, washing machines and many more. Now Haier is the largest manufacturer and seller of household appliances in the world. Haier Group is equally enthusiastic in the field of innovative design. Click to see the winners of Haier design prize: peaceful laundry machine and unbelievable bed-sheets cleaner.

China has become technological giant headed by the leading electronic brands. Powerful companies that we have told you about, made China’s products recognizable by the international industry. People want to buy gadgets from those brands because they are cheap in price, but definitely not cheap in quality.

On Taobao and Tmall you can find many other electronic high-quality products from different brands, which amazingly affordable, unique and innovative. If you have any question about specific item (size, languages, quantities etc.), you can always contact our online support.

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