Tips to Choose a Good Taobao Agent

Taobao agents: we will review how to choose a good reliable Taobao agent, what is the best Taobao agent shopping and buying service, international shipping, commission, and many other points right now in this blog post.

As it is Chinese New Year holiday now in China and all Taobao sellers are off work, we have some free time to give you some practical advises about buying from through Taobao agent.

Whether you have already bought from Taobao with a Taobao agent or you are preparing to place your first order and wondering if you can trust this Taobao agent, here we go with some ideas:

First, make a list of available Taobao agents you have already found through Google (or your preferred search engine) and forums about shopping or buying from China. Then, check for agent’s information, terms and conditions about payment and delivery, in the way to get a clearer picture of what it would cost you to buy from (and if it is worth it at all). Remember: not all items are that cheap on Taobao and not every Taobao agent provides that low commission fees for their service. So after this different comparison, make an estimation of your purchase. If the agent offers you the possibility to look for Taobao items on your behalf, give it a try, probably they can suggest you the products with a good value for money. For example, a good Taobao agent may consider the quality of the product, the price and the seller reputation. When the agent estimates that this would create a good value for you, then you should be immediately informed about the chosen item.

Second, if you are not sure about which Taobao agent to choose, try to contact each with the same request of information and wait for replies. In this way, you can estimate how reactive the agent is, as well as the quality of reply (if it answers to your question in satisfied way): understandable English, clear answer to your question… Consider also, if your own language is available for this service, normally that would make communication easy and fast.

Third, one of the most important points while buying from Taobao is international shipping fees. You might be wondering what is so special about international shipping fees. But if you buy from Taobao several items and you want a fast delivery to Europe, Northern America, Australia or even Singapore, the price is based on the weight of each 500g. So before buying the items, you should estimate the total weight of parcel and the corresponding fees. Taobao agent should give you an estimation, because it is always possible to ask the item weight from the seller. Also before international shipping, a good Taobao agent should suggest you the best way to deliver your items: it includes the choice of shipping / delivery company, optimizing the parcel weight and customs advise. You should remember that no any Taobao agent is responsible for customs clearance (if required) of the products you buy from Taobao. It should be possible to declare the shipping as non-commercial. Another fact is that most Taobao agents offer very attractive international shipping fees, sometimes going up to 70% discount. Yes, sometimes it happens, but be prepared to wait for quite a long time to get your parcel. Optimal range for a discount is 30-60%, depending on the items you want to buy.

The above are three most important elements to go through before start buying from Now let’s check for more individual points about Taobao agents.

It is rather personal appreciation: check the quality of information which is present in the offer on agent’s website. This is not a rule, but often a quality information attracts more people and the conversion rate is considerably higher than for websites with poor information.

Taobao agent should be able to write and read a correct English. This is the minimum. If you have difficulties with English and Taobao agent is not clear in writing in English, then there is a great chance of misunderstanding. Probably, if English is not easy for you, try to find the agent speaking your own language first.

We will think about other points to add in the future, but it seems that it is already quite complete information to start your Taobao shopping. If you have any questions or suggestions about Taobao agents, buying from or other information, feel free to contact us or leave a comment.