Shopping and entertaining on

For most Chinese online users, Taobao shopping or Taobao-ing has become their lifestyle: they buy from Taobao Shops, Taobao Mall, Electric Appliance City; they watch movies in Taobao Cinema; they read news from Taobao Info; they discuss in Taobao Forum; they arrange their vacation (book touring plan, air ticket, hotel, restaurant) in Taobao Ticket and Hotel; they meet new friends, share news and chat with them in Taobao Jianghu; they find their apartment in Taobao Real Estate;  they charge their phone and skype;  they play video games and lottery… all on!  But overseas people do not know much about this great site because of the language constraints. Now with Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) international shipping and English, French, Russian shopping service you can enjoy shopping on  So today I want to present here briefly what we can do on

First, of cause, we can buy from Taobao . With unlimited range of items at an incredible low price for us to choose from, there can’t be anywhere better than buying from Taobao. We can buy most of things from Taobao shops which is a C2C market and is the place where individuals sell their products at cheap price. Here are some useful links:

Second, we can have a lot of entertainment on Taobao.
Taobao Info section shows us all kinds of information about:

  • Women:
  • Men:
  • Children:
  • Apparels:
  • Home:
  • Beauty:
  • Fashion:
  • Digitals:
  • Automobiles:
  • Health:
  • Sports:
  • Entertainment:
  • News:
  • Finance:
  • Astrology:
  • Weather:
  • Taobao Fun: provides tons of free films, TV series, video clips and e-magazine;
  • Lottery: is a perfect place for lottery players;
  • Ticket and Hotel: lets us plan our vacation easily by presenting all kinds of touring, air tickets, hotel and restaurant reservation;
  • Taobao Forum: – we can discuss with other people freely;
  • Taobao Jianghu: is like a Taobao Facebook, where we make new friends and share news;
  • Taobao Games: here we can charge our game card and discuss skills with other players.

From real products like clothes, food, electronics to virtual products like phone/game card recharge, e-ticket, lottery, service, we have countless choices to buy from Taobao; from online entertainment like watching movies, reading news, networking, blogging to real-life activities like community meet-up, fooding, group trip, Taobao can accomplish all these for us! Amazing, isn’t it! Come on, let’s go Taobao-ing!