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Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) has customers from various cultural backgrounds, and we want to share different traditions in the world with everyone and spread the joy. The upcoming Easter is an important religious holiday for some people, and it is also the celebration of Spring arrival and the time about fun, sharing and love for many others. We would like to present you a few fun facts about Easter to make it more cheerful for you and your family!

1. According to various sources, the name Easter came from the name of the Anglo-Saxons goddess Eostra (also Estre, Estara, Eastre, Ostara). In pagan belief, she is the goddess of dawn and fertility, and the bringer of light.

2. The ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Romans and Persians gave eggs to each other as a symbol of rebirth. Also, there are very old legends in China about the idea that the first human ancestor or certain people were born from eggs.

3. The biggest and the most tempting chocolate Easter egg ever was made in Italy in 2011. It was 10 meters high and weighed more than 7000 kilograms. Imagine how much you would be amazed seeing it in person!

4. Painting eggs on Easter is always fun. Painting eggs is also called Pysanka, a word that comes from Ukrainian verb ‘pysaty’, which means to write. The art of wax-resist egg decoration in Slavic cultures, and particularly in Ukraine, dates back to pre-Christian era.

5. Why does the date for Easter change every year? Easter falls on the first Sunday, following the first full moon after 21 March. In Western Christianity, Easter always falls between 22 March and 25 April.

6. Easter egg roll is a traditional game on Easter. “The White House Easter Egg Roll” event has been celebrated by the President of the United States and their families since 1878.

7. “Hunting for half a million eggs” – could be an amazing name for a Hollywood movie about new Easter tradition. Many people from all over the world are joining Easter egg hunt. The largest Easter egg hunt involved 501,000 eggs in 2007, and the record was recognized by Guinness World Records.

8. After Halloween, Easter is the second top-selling confectionery holiday followed by Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Approximately 90 million chocolate bunnies are sold for Easter.

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