Valentine’s Day: Quick Holiday Planning Tips And Ideas

Traditionally, on February 14th, couples celebrate Valentine’s Day, which is considered the most romantic day of the year. Since this day is getting closer and closer, our Parcel Up team would like to share with you some planning tips and ideas to help you get prepared to enjoy a fabulous day with your significant other.

Valentine's day 2021

Everyone loves gifts! Some people know absolutely what to give, but if you happen to struggle with gift ideas, we recommend that you select more versatile and useful gifts: quality headphones for music lovers, beautiful watches – both mechanical or smart, stylish day planners, or drawing kits for work and life. Of course, if they adore something cute, you can’t miss out on the stuffed toys!

Once you’ve picked the perfect gift, it’s definitely a huge plus when the gift comes in a beautiful presentation! The decoration and the way you present the gift to your loved one should never be neglected. On Taobao and Tmall, sellers offer numerous pretty gift wrappings and decorations.

Valentine's gift 2021 Valentine's perfume 2021

Once the gift is all good to go, it is time to plan the where and how for your celebration. If the choice falls on spending the evening out, it can be a movie theater, a restaurant, or a romantic walk. Regardless of where you plan to go, be sure to prepare beautiful outfits or stylish accessories. Choose something that will make you stand out from the crowd and dazzle the eyes of your partner. Of course, we have a couple of great ideas for you that can be ordered on Taobao.

Bags are one of the most important fashion elements that can change your entire look. A great selection of bags, on the one hand, is convenient, but on the other hand, it is so difficult to choose one!

If you like jewelry, then earrings and necklaces can be splendid choices.

Of course, if you are looking for beautiful scarves, gloves, clutches, beads, bracelets, and brooches, there are always plenty!

If you are searching for men’s accessories, how about a stylish scarf? And it might be a great idea to complete the look with a trendy belt, purses, cufflinks, and ties.

Tips on how to organize your celebration at home

To avoid crowds and lines, many people choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home. There are many benefits of staying home, but it requires more detailed and thorough preparation. Since we have already figured out about gifts, we offer you a small agenda for decorating your home:

  1. For creating a holiday atmosphere, we use candles – the main element for a romantic environment, different themed decorations, and maybe garlands.
  2. If you are planning a romantic dinner, be sure to buy some beautiful dishes and glasses. It also helps to create a good mood.
  3. Of course, music is another thing you need to look out for! Find something that you both like for an incredible memory.
  4. Even if you are staying at home, still try to have a holiday outfit: let it be a cute, comfortable sweater for women and men or some couple outfit of your choice.
  5. And last on the list, but most importantly: your smile and good mood! 🙂

We would like to remind you that no matter where you celebrate Valentine’s Day, the main thing is the feeling of love and sincerity! Your heart means the most.

Please don’t forget that the Chinese New Year is approaching, and it is highly recommended to choose and order gifts well in advance. Parcel Up support team is always glad to help you with your questions and assist you with any product search! For any inquiries or a chat, please contact Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) Online Support or Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) Facebook page.

Wish you a great holiday!