Vacation at home – time for rest, sport and hobbies

Vacation is coming and you are not planning on travelling, but all you want is to simply stay home? This is a wonderful period to relax, recover and recharge yourself with energy and positive vibes for further work. Our team has prepared you some inspirations for a homy vacation!

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Rest and Adventures!

Vacation is not always about travelling far. Spending time at home with family and making short day trips around have been popular. There are plenty of activities to take full advantage of your staycations. Chilling in a hammock or on a folding bed to read a book, dream or plan or simply space out. Dip in the pool, lie on the grass in the sun or under the shade and play board games. Invite your family and friends, gather around the table and enjoy some nice bbq.  

Even camping in the backyard under the starry sky can be a lot of fun for kids and very romantic for couples. Or if you live nearby the beach, camping on the beach and falling asleep to the sound of waves is definitely amazing!

You can find everything you need on Taobao for a comfortable outing, such as waterproof picnic blankets, portable chairs, cookware and  for outdoor cooking, cooler bags, tents, etc. 

Sport and Self Care

Vacation is also a time when you can work on your body and health. You can go to the gym or invigorate your body with the help of yoga, dancing, roller skating or home workouts.

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Choosing the right clothes that will not hinder your movements is the very first step of exercising. If you practice yoga, you may need various accessories and a yoga mat. It is important to focus your mind on your body and slowly explore and expand the capability of your body.

There are many options if you are looking to try out new activities: dancing, gymnastics, aerobics, skating, skateboarding. It’s never too late for new discoveries!

If you prefer exercising at home, you might need some home workout equipment: jump ropes, mini-steppers, exercise equipment for wrists or waist and much more that can help you stay active, reduce stress, lose weight and become healthier.

Hobby and Relaxation

Summer time seems to be a perfect time for hobbies. For example, hunting and fishing are quite popular activities. If you are going hunting, you need to pick up clothes, shoes, binoculars, weapons and other equipment in advance. The hunter’s skills, keen sense and excellent physical conditions are all as relevant in the modern world as they were once.

People love fishing for the opportunity to relax, calm the mind and find inner peace. It is also a great opportunity to spend time outdoors with your family hunting for fish. For a comfortable stay, you can choose a set for the fisherman, which has everything you need in it or take what you need, for example fishing rods, hooks, floats and nets. To catch larger fish, you have to go into the water in waterproof shoes or go fishing on a boat. In any case, with good equipment, the catch is guaranteed.

Wherever your vacation takes place, enjoy and make full use of it. Everything you need for comfortable and cool leisure time can be found and purchased with our help. We wish you a great summer vacation!