11.11 Global shopping festival on Taobao

Are you ready for №1 event of this year in the world of internet shopping?

Most of people all over the world impatiently waitning for such grand event in online purchasing as 11.11 shopping festival on Taobao.com. Just imagine, last year sales volume on that day was more than three times as large as the online sales volume of the whole Black Friday weekend. Are you impressed? Last year customers from 200 countries all over the world took part in this event.

For the first time Single’s day was celebrated in the early 1990s in few universities of Nanjing. It got the name “Singles’ Day” because the date consists of four “one”s, which symbolizes single people. In 2009 Alibaba Group transformed this holiday into the shopping festival, where online and offline stores could take part. Year by year this festival was spreading around the world and in 2014 it became a global online shopping festival. It is not surprising as only on this day discounts could be up to 90% off!


Interistingly, that every year 11.11 shopping festival beats different kind of records and a lot of new exciting facts about this event appear.

For example, in 2015 the total amount of sold goods was 14.3 billion USD. For comparison, The Cyber Monday in 2015 gained 3.19 billion USD

The most popular categories were clothing and accessories, cosmetics and personal care, household products, appliances, and food and beverage.

60% of chinese consumers are married and only 25% are single

This year Alibaba group has prepared a new format of online shopping festival, which will last 24 days, starting from October 21 till November 13. There will be a lot of entertainment, sales up to 50%, 70% and even 90$ off, different games, loud gala-concert, on which Katy Perry will perform for all fans. But the main event still will be on 11.11 and the grand sale will begin at midnight, Beijing time. This is noon on the east coast and 9am on the west coast of the United States. Europeans can set their alarm to 6pm CET. Since the grand sale lasts exactly 24 hours (from 00:00 to 23:59 by Beijing time), we recommend you to prepare in advance, to form your orders in advance so we would be able to order all your items, because the biggest discounts will  be active exactly in that period.

We have prepared article about how to plan your orders and save some money.

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Note! Some items can be bought with a discount price already. But if you want to buy some item with maximum discount, you should follow item’s and seller’s pages. Usually maximum discount is available only 11.11. Count time, so we were able to buy your goods.

IT IS IMPORTANT! We cannot guarantee prices, discounts, and stock of items. Also there is a chance that shipping will take more time than usual, because of delivery services workload during next few days after 11.11.

Discounts are valid only 24 hours November 11 Beijing time

Sales on Taobao and Tmall will end on November 12 at 00:00 Beijing time.

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