Taobao 11.11 Online Shopping Festival

Buying from China Taobao? Double Eleven (11.11) or Singles Day is the biggest sales event in the world of online shopping, which takes place on every November 11.

Are you ready? The biggest Global Shopping Festival on Taobao and Tmall is about to start!

A shopping carnival! This is the best time at Taobao and Tmall to shop the best deals and make the most savings. Incredibly low prices and amazing discounts! Whether you want to buy things for yourself or prepare presents for Christmas, New Year or any other events – this greatest sales event comes only once a year and you simply can’t miss out!

Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) special 11.11 promotion this year: 5% commission instead of the usual 10% on all orders from 12AM November 10 till 12AM November 12 China time.

To get 5% commission, just make the first payment on time!

taobao global shopping festival 2021
“Even if you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend, you can at least shop like crazy”. With these legendary words, Alibaba founder Jack Ma turned the Singles’ Day (11.11), an event of singlehood celebration, into the biggest Global Shopping Festival of the year. Since then, the closer 11 November is, the more the atmosphere is filled with excitement and pleasant expectation of unbelievable promotions annually presented by Alibaba group, mainly Taobao and Tmall.

Every year sales expand and hit a new record. In 2020 sales reached 372.3 billion yuan – $56.42 billion USD per 24 hours, thus easily exceeding 2019 year’s record $38.4 billion haul. 

Alibaba’s gross merchandise volume on Singles’ Day from 2011 to 2020 (in billion U.S. dollars):

taobao 11.11 merchandise volume

Source: Alibaba’s gross merchandise volume on Singles’ Day

The intrigue is on – what should we expect this year, on November 11, 2021?

Last year due to the overload of the orders placed simultaneously within a 24 hours sale, there were lots of technical issues and purchases could not be made on time. Over 17 thousand customers complained about losing the deals because of significant delays in orders processing.

In order to make the Single’s Day sale a more pleasant experience, on October 20, 2021, Taobao launched a pre-order system lasting for 3 weeks finishing sales at midnight on November 11 (Beijing time).

Thousands of products are already displayed on the platform offering attractive discounts. This year customers have enough time to select the best deals and pre-order in advance.

Check out Taobao and Tmall directly to view new discounts every day to opt for the goods according to your taste and wallet.

Please pay attention that there is a possible delay updating the prices in our catalog: you can always input adjusted price before adding your item to your shopping cart or order.

If you have any questions, contact us on Facebook or Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) Online Support.

Happy shopping to everyone!