Return and Exchange Guidelines

Return and exchange policies are extremely important when it comes to online shopping. Parcel Up offers very simple and straightforward policies to ensure the process is hassle-free and low-cost (or for free), be it exchange or return.

Return and exchange

Please note that for item return or exchange, the processing time and associated costs vary during different order processing stages.

Before we start purchasing items

After the 1st payment is confirmed, we start to purchase your items. During this period, you can easily cancel your order! Simply request to cancel all items, and upon successful cancellation, a full refund will be issued to your Parcel Up account.

Items have been shipped to us

Once the seller has shipped your items, to return them, you would need to pay a 15RMB delivery fee to send them back to the seller, and the service fee will not be returned. Some sellers do not accept item returns. However, we always inform our customers about it beforehand.

Before and after international shipping

Before international shipping, customers can still request to exchange or return items.

If the reason for exchange or return is due to a seller’s mistake – we will return/exchange items, and the seller is responsible for the domestic shipping costs.

If an exchange or return is not caused by a seller or our mistake, there will be a service cost of 35RMB, plus:

  • for returns, customers need to pay shipping costs for shipping items back to sellers: 15RMB per seller;
  • for exchanges, customers need to pay shipping fees for shipping items back to sellers, and for sellers sending replaced items to our warehouse: 30RMB per seller.

Please note that Item exchange or return is not possible once items are processed for international shipping.

The service fee is charged as long as the exchange or return is not about our mistake.

Though we try our best to satisfy our customers’ requests, exchange or return might not always be possible with all sellers. We usually check with sellers and inform our customers before purchase, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

How long does it take?

Depending on shipping services, the return of items usually takes about 2-7 days, and the exchange of items takes up to 7 days.

Return and exchange are simple and easy with Parcel Up, but we know everybody would like to avoid them if possible. Unfortunately, Parcel Up cannot be responsible for ensuring items conform to product descriptions provided by sellers or meeting customer expectations, and we know how hard it is to evaluate an item from photos. Therefore, we highly recommend choosing items from sellers with good ratings to minimize risks and troubles (See How to Find Good Taobao Sellers)!

We have all information about return/exchange on our website:

Refund PolicyReturn/Exchange of Taobao Items

Parcel Up strives to provide customers with various choices, much convenience, and great discounts. For additional questions, please contact our online support. Have a pleasant shopping with Parcel Up!