Refresh Your Wardrobe: A Style Guide for Spring Wear

Spring brings renewal, blossom, lightness, and new hopes to nature and humans. It is a fresh start for our thoughts, feelings, moods, and perceptions of life. 

When we feel the warmth of the sun, we want to change heavy and bulky winter clothes into bright light-colored spring outfits. We want to spend more time outdoors enjoying the fun of walking in the city and admiring the awakening of nature around us. Certainly, the new season is an excellent time to refresh your wardrobe or even change your style. Parcel Up team is here to offer some interesting trendy ideas!

Refresh Your Wardrobe: A Style Guide for Spring Wear

Even though the calendar spring is coming, the weather can still remain chilly for a while. Therefore, we recommend that you check out some light but warm women’s coats or windbreakers. During warmer spring days, you have plenty of options, such as denim jackets and leather jackets, bombers, and trench coats. Casual style for everyday wear or classic style for events, it’s your call.

men clothes spring 2021

Men can also find a perfect variant of spring outerwear that suits them. There are a variety of trendy and stylish options available on Taobao and Tmall.

Those who work in an office or simply prefer coats will definitely choose something suitable and convenient. There are various practical clothing, such as jackets. You will find something to your taste in terms of style, color, and fabric. Moreover, men’s trench coats are very fashionable, and they deserve a place in your wardrobe because they go well with any style and complement a look.

The warmer the weather becomes, the lighter the clothes we choose. Many fashionistas choose cardigans of various lengths and styles.

Knitted cardigans are one of the favorites that surely hold their strong position in the fashion trends of men and women, so Taobao sellers have prepared wonderful cardigans for women and cardigans for men.

For a long time, the suit jacket is no longer just a piece of office clothing: bright colors and patterns, eye-catching elements – all these make the suit jacket an ideal choice for your daily wear.

women clothes spring 2021

When talking about fashion trends, we have to mention sweaters. Asymmetry in clothes is still important: choose a knitted sweater with an extended back, and you will certainly attract lots of attention. As for colors, we recommend pastel and muted shades for knitted fabrics, especially beige and milky white.

Spring is the time for dates and romantic walks. If you prefer dresses for a romantic look, it is recommended that you consider long and loose dresses. They will make you look light and airy. Those who do not like dresses can turn their attention to classic wide-leg trousers or skinny pants and shirts. For the top, you can choose shirts with long or short sleeves. Men’s shirts come in many colors. You can choose solid colors or patterns according to your preferences and occasions. These options are perfect for dating and business meetings.

Spring is the perfect time to try new things: different styles, patterns, and colors of clothes, so please seize the moment and choose something new and enjoy life!

If you have any questions, our Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) online support team is always ready to help you via live chat and social media.

We wish you a wonderful time of the year and happy shopping!