Summer trips, hiking, and mountain adventures

Summer is almost here! Are you looking for ideas on how to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and your vacation? Of course, many of us want to relax, change an environment, and try out new experiences. The best way to do this is absolutely by traveling! Whether it’s small rides out of town or trips across cities and countries, you are guaranteed to live with new emotions or exotic and extreme options. The Parcel Up team has already prepared some cool ideas for you, so fasten your seat belts and choose the adventure you desire!

Trips to cities offer plenty of opportunities: you can immerse yourself in culture and history and get acquainted with an unusual lifestyle and mentality. This is a great way to look at life from a different perspective. Simply pack your essentials in a suitcase, a backpack, or a travel bag, and off you go! Just don’t forget to book your tickets ahead of time!


When you travel, take the most necessary things: ​​comfortable clothes and shoes, a rain cover or a mini umbrella. You might also need a small bag to keep your documents and money. It is more convenient to take hygiene products in small containers and put them in a cosmetic bag or an organizer. During your journey, blankets, travel pillows, and masks will be handy – they will help you relax with maximum comfort. In addition, check out some cool little stuff you might need.

If you want to escape city life, hiking might be on your list. Fresh air, beautiful landscapes, and silence will help you to let go of all your stress, worries, and concerns and recharge your mind and body. Going on a long journey, you must stock up on the necessary equipment in advance. You may find cottage houses, but you might still need a tent and a sleeping bag for some new experiences or the unexpected. It’s always important to check out the weather for any trips. If it’s expected to be chilly, you’ll definitely need some thermal underwear. To pack everything, prepare a suitable light and reliable backpack.

A long hiking tour requires lots of things, including food. Taking only the most necessary equipment is essential because every gram counts. Take your time to figure out what you need. A personal set of dishes, a thermos, a flashlight, a waterproof case for a phone, and a compass – all of them can be of great use. You can also use hiking poles to make long walks easier. Also, remember to stock up with some snacks, as keeping your energy level high is essential. If you plan on camping, then taking a cooler bag filled with food and drinks sounds like a good idea. 

Those who love the height of mountains or hard-to-reach places will need special equipment for the trip. In mountaineering, it is crucial because people’s lives and health depend on it. Strong climbing ropes, appropriate safety harnesses, high-quality carabiners/climbing buckles, and a helmet are everything you need to keep control of the situation. You may also want to check out other hiking essentials to add to your list. To prevent your hands from being hurt, be sure to pick up good gloves. Finally, add sturdy shoes and comfortable hiking clothes – and now you are ready for an incredible mountain adventure!

Holidays in another city or country, hiking, or mountain climbing are all great and popular vacation ideas. However, there are way more summer vacation options we could not describe in one article, so two more articles with new ideas and links to Taobao products are coming soon!

We wish you a memorable adventure, vivid emotions, and a relaxing time!