Guide to Search on Taobao

Do you spend hours searching on Taobao in English? Forget about it! Here is a guide to searching on 

Generally, it is easy to search on, but there are details we would like to point out: While at, always make a search using Chinese characters only. If you look for products in English, the results will be minimal and probably higher priced.

We provide a Taobao search gadget at the top of our website to make it extremely easy to search on Taobao in English.

To make your search more efficient, using a description that is as precise as possible and in plural form is better. The Chinese language contains many specific expressions for different products, so if you use one generic word for a group of products, you might find something different from what you requested. For example, if you type “computer”, you should expect to see a calculator. Then try “personal computers”, “PC”, or “laptops”, and it should work better.

Please type something in English in our search bar and start searching Taobao in English. Enjoy!