Beach vacation and water sports for the whole family

Summer is a great time to relax at the beach and enjoy water activities! After a long winter, everybody wants to dive into the warm water and get a deep breath of fresh air! Vacation time is a great opportunity to indulge yourself!

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It is important to prepare for this special event in advance so not to forget things in a rush. We have prepared you some great best ideas to maximize your beach vacation, and Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) is here to help you find and buy everything you need from Taobao and Tmall at very competitive prices!

Many people enjoy just relaxing by the water because it has such a great refreshing and soothing effect. Going to the beach, be sure to grab hats and sunglasses to protect yourself against sunstroke and bright sunlight. Sunscreen is definitely a must, especially if you have sensitive skin!

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It is convenient bring a spacious beach bag so to have things handy: clothes, snacks, sunscreen, towel etc. While on the beach, you can lay on the sand, stretch out on the beach mat, or chill in your portable chair. It’s always nice take a nap, have a chat, read a book or simply listen to some music and enjoy the sun.

Everyone dress up for their beach trips, for the comfort and the look. Pick up a stylish swimming suit (women or men) and a pair of comfortable beach shoes. Beach dresses, pareos and cover-ups are all always adored by charming ladies.

Other than spending time on the beach, water sports are also popular among many people! They offer a great way to connect with nature: enjoy its beauty and just have fun!

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There are a lot of water sports and there is definitely one for you: kayaking, bodyboarding, surfing, snorkeling, etc. It all depends on your physical capability and personal preference. One of the most exciting and popular activities is diving. It requires a good diving suit and accessoriesglasses and masks, fins and diving tubes. To capture stunning views of the underwater world, take an underwater camera or use your phone with a waterproof case. Great emotions and memories are guaranteed!

If you are a happy parent preparing a nice beach trip for your kids, here are our recommendations. The most important is surely health and safety, so make sure you have hats and sunscreen with a high level of protection, as well as inflatable circles and arm ruffles for a safe swim. You can also check out some adorable swimming suits and suitable shoes. You can all swim or relax together on inflatable mattresses. Don’t forget to bring a pump for all your inflatables.

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Children love sand, and always enjoy playing with balls and sand toys. For the little ones, you can get them a inflatable pool, so that spending time on the beach will be most comfortable and safe for them.

We hope that now you are fully prepared for a beach holiday. Spending a vacation near the sea or another water source is a great choice! Our Parcel Up team wishes you a wonderful time filled with fresh air in beautiful landscapes, and hope you return home refreshed and charged with new energy and positive emotions for the whole year!

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