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Follow the article and you will be able easily to find the original, extravagant and exotic gifts.

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This is a resource with amazing number of interesting, sometimes even fantastic and unusual goods for the everyday life, collected from all over the Taobao.

It was created especially for search of creative and original gifts.

This internet site is in Chinese. If you do not know the Chinese language, do not fall into despair. Install Google Chrome and you will be able easily to translate the pages from Chinese into the language that you need.

Click on this link and you will find out how to do it.

Next step you need to do  is to insert the link into google chrome address field. Then press “Enter” and wait for being redirected to the site.

After redirecting, you will see the panel, with some menus.

We have numbered these sections to talk about each separately.


Section # 1 – This is a button that redirect you on the main page of  the site from any section.

Section # 2 – “Home”.

There is the place where you can choose different amazing little things:

Table lamps created in a classic, elegant and minimalistic high-tech design

Pillows, which looks like sandwiches, cute Teddy bears and cats

Cartoon alarm clocks, which make your morning truly good

Soft and warm slippers

A variety of box and baskets let keep a little things in order

Funny fridge magnets, creative socks and music boxes

Insanely beautiful light Stars Projector Lamp

All kinds of hangers and racks that can help you put in order excess things.

Section # 3 – «Kitchen & Bathroom»

You can find here soft double towels, holders for toothbrushes and toothpaste, lovely tableware, cups depicting various emotions and with a variety of 3D textures, Stands for hot meals in the form of snowflakes and flowers, cutting boards and colored sponges, beautiful handmade soap etc.

Section # 4 – “Office».

Here are collected all kinds of stationery for office workers and students, and for those who love to spend their workdays brightly and fun.

Section # 5 “Accessories”.

In this section, you find unusual and even sometimes bold accessories, which will help you to create your own style. Such accessories emphasize your originality and cause admiration from others.

Girls and women find the elegant and sophisticated jewelry here.  Men will be able to choose stylish watches and belts, which emphasize their status and give confidence.

In addition, you can find various kinds of non-trivial clothes and shoes.

The section #6 was created for anime fans.

Attention! Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) does not purchase virtual goods.

Interesting information and videos about the products offered on this site is available for you in sections #7 and #8.

For example a video review of the nightlight in the form of pandas , or information how to use holder of a toothbrush and a toothpaste .
Moreover, you have to see the following sections:

Living (lifestyle) – contains interior decorations, wall clocks, lamps etc.

Digital (digital technology) – drives, MP3 players, electronic alarms and similar devices;

Original (original) – cool stuff for everyone

Greenery (green) – floral solutions for the unique gift;

Fashion (fashion) – creative clothing and interior design;

Clicking on this link you get to know designers creating all this beauty for you.

In this article, we tried to describe the

Discover the new partnership project with Taobao – – paint your life and the life of your loved ones with bright colors of joy.

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