Add items to taobao order system

All items that you want to buy from Taobao should be submitted to the shopping cart in our taobao order system. To add items to shopping cart you need a direct link to Taobao item. The link (URL) often starts with:,,, and other kind of links are possible too.

In order to add item successfully, you need to make sure that it is direct link to the item (taobao item page), and is not the search results page or taobao shop page (on taobao item page must be specified: seller, price and product description). Also our system does not accept links of translated page.

The seller should have the rating of at least one ‘heart’.
If the item does not respect these rules (direct link, seller with rating), it will not be added to the shopping cart.

* Price adjustment

If taobao item price depends on item’s configuration or if the the item is on sale, you should specify the exact price in the field “Price adjustment”. Our system initially calculates the maximum price for the item which you should pay in the first payment, then during order processing the price is adjusted and the difference is deducted from the second payment for international shipping.

* Specify size, color

Color and size should be specified only on the basis of information supplied by the seller on the item page. You cannot specify the size or color, which are not listed by the seller. More information available here: choose correct item parameters

Color: You can specify the color in Chinese, English or Russian. Please, if you use a translator, look for the correct color – do not write non-existent color and avoid complex colors – which are not always clear to understand. It is preferable to specify the color in Chinese language by copying it from taobao item page and pasting it in your order form, this not only speeds up the purchase and order processing, but also reduce the risk of mistake, which means even more saving of time.

If you do not specify the color, item will be purchased exactly as on the main photo of taobao item.

Size: You should specify the size as provided by taobao seller. If on taobao item page there is no size chart, you can consider that items are of standard size, then you can choose desired size with the help of size conversion charts.

If the size or color are not specified on taobao item page, it may involve two options: either the item is not available, or the product is available, but only in one size and one color as displayed on the main photo of taobao item.

* Comments

In item comment you can write alternative size/color, for example, ‘if no white color, I can take red’. You can also provide additional information, such as personal measurements, item model or other specifications.

Please do not put in comment: links for replacement, packing instructions or repeated information. Such comments will not be considered. If you have any questions, please contact Online Support

Attention: Item is cancelled if it is out of stock or if it does not correspond to your requirement. So, please provide information as clear as possible to avoid item cancellation.

Each order can contain maximum 25 items, which are shipped in one parcel to one address. If you need to ship more than 25 items in one parcel, you need to create an additional order, make payment for it and then combine orders during purchasing. For additional information: Track Purchasing Process

After you have added all items to shopping cart and before creating order, you have to input delivery address and choose shipping mode.