Input delivery address and shipping mode

Delivery address and shipping method should be provided individually for each Taobao order.

Address should be submitted in Latin letters.
Lewis Brown
888 Fifth Avenue, apt. 8018
New York 10018
United States of America

Address should be provided before creating your order. Orders without a valid delivery address will not be processed until the address is added to your order. Delivery address for your taobao order can be changed throughout order processing and before the second payment.

Choose shipping method: depending on the delivery speed and its cost, you can choose the most appropriate method for delivery. Please note that express delivery EMS and DHL are not available for some countries. The information about available countries can be found here: International Shipping From China, Parcel Delivery Fees.

Weight limits: 20 kg for China Air Mail and 30 kg for EMS.

Estimated delivery time for parcel from China can be found here:
Parcel Tracking from China.

When everything is submitted, you can click on “Create order” button. Your new order will be saved in our taobao order system with unique number, then you will be able to make the first payment.