Choose Item Parameters

It is crucial to rely on something other than item photos when selecting the desired item. Vital information, like preorder prices or the misleading item photo, may be available only in the item description. This step is essential to avoid misunderstandings and ensure you get the right product.

To check the item description, you need a translator: the best option is to install the Google Chrome browser, which can immediately translate the whole page from Chinese to any convenient language. Although the translation is quite basic and sometimes inaccurate, you can still check and find keywords and phrases.

Example: In the photo, you see a T-shirt with shorts, but the item description refers only to the T-shirt. You should assume that the seller offers for sale only the T-shirt.

Attention: Items shown in pairs or with multiple items on the photo are usually sold individually, so the price is for one item; otherwise, it is specified in the item details.

Selecting the color: When selecting the color, remember to choose only from those offered on the Taobao item page. Available colors are usually displayed in the menu beside the main item photo. Don’t be misled by the many photos sellers provide; it doesn’t necessarily mean all colors are available. Check all available colors and select your desired one. If you need to specify the color in the comment, copying the color in Chinese is a good idea to avoid confusion during your order processing. You can write item specifications in Chinese or English in the comments to the item you want to order.

If no information about color is provided, the available color should be considered the same as in the main photo—then you do not need to fill in the color in the comment for the item.

Selecting the size: the size should be chosen only from those offered on the Taobao item page. Available sizes are displayed in the menu next to the main item photo, just below the item price. If the seller does not provide a size table, then we should assume that the size is standard, or the Taobao seller will provide the most appropriate size based on the European or American standard sizes. If the Taobao seller provides the size chart for the item, you should choose the size corresponding to the information provided in the size chart.

Here are the most used dimensions/sizes in Chinese:

height 身高
size 尺寸 or 尺码 or 码
weight 重量
length 衣长
chest 胸围
waist 腰围
hips 大腿围
shoulder width 肩宽
sleeve length 袖长
trousers length 裤长

Please note that Google often translates “size” as “yard” – it’s wrong (10码 is size 10, not 10 yards).

Attention: Some Taobao items are displayed only in one size (or without size)—in this case, you should consider that the item is of standard M size. The item description may include additional details.

Price: To view the exact price for your desired configuration, select the size or configuration on the item page, and the price below the item title will change automatically. When ordering items on Taobao with varying prices based on size or configuration that are not automatically calculated, such as electronic goods, our order system will initially show the maximum amount you should pay in the first payment. The actual price will be recalculated before the second payment, and any difference will be deducted from the shipping payment. When ordering such items, enter the exact price in the “Price adjustment” field in the Taobao item order form. However, in some cases, the actual price may be higher than the one displayed on the item page, i.e., for preorder, we will inform you of the total price when purchasing with a request for an additional payment.

Suppose the price difference is significant or the actual price is unclear. In that case, you can always contact our Online Support Team before the first payment and request that the order be recalculated, considering the adjusted prices. You need to provide your order number to do this.

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