Ensuring Items Available on Taobao

Shopping on Taobao can be easier if you know where to check the item is available in stock or not, and we will explain it to you! Quantity of items in stock is not always updated or information is often incorrect. So we want to help you understand how to know if the item is in stock.

On Taobao product page, you can always see the product’s stock quantity (highlighted and pointed out in the following screenshot). However, such information might not be accurate or updated real time with every seller, so sometimes the product might be actually not available with the particular seller you are checking regardless of whatever stock quantity listed. What a dismay to to find out that your desired item is out of stock after spending so much time and efforts reviewing and deciding about it! We understand your frustration, and Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) will now tell you how to check other information to ensure you are buying from a seller who most probably has the product.

Stock quantity available

Buy from good rating sellers

Rule of thumb is to always buy from sellers with good ratings on Taobao, as they are more likely to have a larger amount of items in stock and that they provide more accurate information. In such case, you don’t need to worry about any listed items not being available for purchase, and here is How to find good Taobao sellers?

Use statistics on product page

First, go to taobao.com and use its search function to look up an item (your might want to read about how to search on Taobao?). Once you enter the product page of a selected item, you will see a lot of information, which could be very confusing. You can use your browser extension to translate the full page to make things much easier, and our following screenshots will also help you better understand the important information.

Taobao offers many useful statistics on product page from transaction history. On the following screen shot, mouse over to the number 201 (the Chinese underneath is 交易成功, meaning successful transactions), wait for a second, and you will see a small explanation box (underlined in blue) pop out stating: within 30 days, 284 pieces sold, and 201 successful transactions. If you don’t see the part where the mouse is on the screen shot, you would probably need to widen your browser. When you are looking at a product that has many successful transactions in the past month, it means the seller most probably has a large stock or the stock quantity listed is usually accurate, so as long as the number is not 0, you will be able to buy it.

Statistics Taobao Item Sales

Check customer review dates

Your second option is to check customer reviews on the product page. Next to the 201 successful transactions, there is another number 1983 (the Chinese underneath is 累计评论, meaning accumulated reviews). Click on the number 1983 to view customer reviews.

Stock available reviews
The page then jumps to customer review section as in the screenshot below. Go to the field where the arrow points and you will see a drop down menu, select the second option (“最近评论:” Latest reviews).

taobao item customer reviews
Then you will see the reviews listed in the order of time as below, and you can check the dates of latest reviews (time of review is listed on the bottom of each review). It is more likely that a product with very recent reviews is in stock compared to products whose last reviews were a few months or even longer time ago.

taobao reviews date check

Contact Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) support

Products on Taobao sell super fast since Taobao has become the largest marketplace in Asia. As more new products or newer generations of products coming out, certain products are no longer being produced. It happens that sometimes your desired item is just not on the Taobao market any more. This statement on seller’s page circled on screenshot indicates that the item is not available (“此宝贝已下架:” this item has been removed off shelves). In such case, you could contact our support on Facebook and we might be able to double check with the seller or help you find similar items upon request.

Taobao Item out of stock

In brief, to make sure that you are buying an item that is in stock:

– Choose sellers on Taobao with higher rating;
– Find items which have at least several successful transactions over the past month;
– Select items that have more recent reviews;
– Contact Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) customer support by making a request on our Facebook page.

Enjoy shopping with Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS) !